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Guy Appuley Diocle is the highest paid athlete of all time and wins more than 15B

If you think of the best paid athletes of all time, you’ll forgive if the names of the modern stars come to mind: Tiger Woods, Lionel Massey, Floyd Maver, and so on.

One can of course assume that with increasing prosperity we will inevitably pay more for the biggest names in sport.

However, it is interesting to note that the pay days of the most powerful modern athletes pale in comparison to the pay days of the Roman chariot.

As stated in Ancient Origins, the highest paid athlete of all time is in fact a gentleman named Guy Appuley Diocle.

Diocle, a racing driver, would have won 35,863,120 sestertii in 24 years of illustrious career. Converting sestertias into dollars is not an easy task, but Laphams Quarter managed to break it down:

His entire fenced-in house was five times the income of the highest paid provincial governors of the same period – enough to supply the entire city of Rome with grain for a year, or to pay all the simple soldiers of the Roman Army in the middle of their imperial reach for a fifth of the year. By current standards, the most recent figure corresponds to the assumption that US Army salaries will have to be paid by about $15 billion over the same period.

What exactly do these wagon races look like? Well, they’d take the spectacle of any modern football game – whether you consider what the Americans or the rest of the world mean by football.

Looks like : Ezekiel Elliott hates cowboys, Jerry Jones. Right now.

It is clear that the fans came the night before the races to make sure the landing was good. Then they ate, drank and cheered on their favorite drivers.

The drivers themselves will be part of teams sponsored by local companies. These companies pay for things like horse maintenance and new uniforms.

13 Fun Basketball Games

Diocle of Guy Appuley

Runners wore leather helmets, chest protectors and shin protectors. They had a whip and a bent knife with them (so they could cut themselves if they were confused with chefs after the accident).

The races started with the towel drop and lasted seven laps. The top three after these seven rounds would have received home prizes.

When Diocle finally retired at the age of 42, his fans chose him as the master of all floats.



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