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Hollywood has produced many great personalities, including Pedro Pascal. He is an easily recognisable character thanks to his role in successful series and films. He played Javier Pena in Narcos and Matron Martell in Throne Game. He is also famous for his roles in the games King’s man, The Mandalorianand Great Wall . . He really is a man of great talent and skill. How well do you know him?

Pedro Pascal Citizenship

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Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-American actor, born on the 2nd. April 1975: birth of José Pedro Balmada in Santiago de Chile. In Hollywood, he became an experienced gentleman. Her mother was a psychologist and her father made a living as a fertility doctor. Both his parents belonged to the Allende group, which opposed the US-supported Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

This disagreement led to an acidic relationship between his parents and the ruling class. Immediately after Pascal’s birth, his family emigrated to Denmark. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas and Orange County, California. It was in the United States that Pedro Pascal’s family received his fourth member, Lucas Balmaseda.

Profile Summary

  • Full name Pedro Pascal: José Pedro Balmasada Pascal
  • Date of birth: 2. April 1975
  • Place of birth: Santiago, Chile
  • Pedro Pascal Age: 44 years old
  • Horoscope: The ram
  • Ethnicity: Spanish language
  • Nationality of Pedro Pascal: Chilean-American
  • Parents: José Balmasada Riera (father), Veronica Pascal (mother).
  • Brothers and sisters: Lucas Balmasada (brother)
  • Occupation: Actors
  • Height: 5′ 11
  • Pedro Pascal Weight: 75 kg
  • Pedro Pascal eye colour: Brown
  • Family status: Individually
  • Education: University of New York
  • Net value: $2 million USD

Film Passages

Figure:, @Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal Wife

It is typical for fans to ask questions about the love lives of their favorite celebrities. For this actor, these questions have become burning issues. Some doubt his sexual orientation, while others suspect him of a relationship with his former colleague Lena Heady. But who’s Pedro Pascal’s wife? Does he have a wife?

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The internet is silent when asked about his wife. However, he shouts about rumours that he was having an affair with his co-star of Game of Thrones . In 2014 they have become the favourites of online wire factories. This audition did not take place unexpectedly, because Lena and Pedro had seen each other more than once and felt very comfortable. They were seen in Hollywood in Sinus, where they spent time. In one case, while shopping, a famous actor was seen wrapped around the waist of the beautiful Hadee.

The actor came out of the throne after the fourth season, he seemed to have had a good time with Lena in real life. They haven’t been seen together lately, at least not as they were then. They didn’t go out to talk about their relationship, either in the media or in interviews. It is therefore difficult to tell a person in an authoritative position whether she was a real lover or whether she just shopped together.

Lena Hadey was married to Peter Lawran at the time. However, they called it a resignation in 2013. The actor is also suspected of homosexuality. The experienced actor did not comment on this subject, despite all suspicions about his relationship and sexual identity.

Why do people think he’s gay?

In the twenty years of its existence, when it was still new in the world of theatre, it played the roles that had been entrusted to it. He had no influence on what he was going to do, because he was trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood. On several occasions he has played the role of a courageous homosexual. In Game of Thrones , his character represented a sexually insatiable swordsman.

This has allowed him to attract the attention of millions of fans, gay and lesbian men and women. Despite the fact that his incomprehensible roles in the cinema made him known in his early years, the question of his sexuality remained unanswered. Even more confusing is the fact that he’s still single.

Lena Hadey woman

2014 was a good year for the actor, at least from the point of view of a fan, in terms of relationships. He seemed to feel comfortable with Lena, which caused speculation that became a rumor. But in 2018 Lena married Dan Kadan, her long-time lover. It meant Lena was dead from Pedro’s life.

Pedro Pascal Height and dimensions

The actor is six feet and 11 inches tall. He weighs 165 pounds. These measurements will be useful for him when he reaches the silhouette, because they allow him to play his role well.

Pedro Pascal, age

They say life starts at 40. If so, the actor was four years old, because he was 44 years old at the time of publication.

Net AssetsPedro Pascal

According to Chaleb Worth, the actor’s net cost is estimated at $2 million, while his annual salary is $1 million. His immense fortune comes from his acting career and his performance in television series such as Game of Thrones, produced by HBO.

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Horse game

Figure:, @Pedro Pascal

Brother Pedro Pascal

The actor has a brother, Lucas Balmasada, who is also trying to make a name for himself in the theatre world. Lucas was born in the United States, but is active in the theatre industry in Chile. He always makes a good resume for himself. Most of his films were not widely accepted because they were not shot in America.

Birthday of Pedro Pascal

Every year the actor celebrates on the 2nd. April’s birthday. You have to send her a birthday wish in April this year.

Pedro Pascal films

His extraordinary acting has enabled him to play roles in various films. Among other things;

  • Hermanas
  • I’m girl.
  • Adaptation agency
  • Sweet little lie
  • Bloodsucking assholes
  • Sweets
  • Large Wall
  • King: Golden Circle
  • Prospectus.
  • Equaliser 2
  • . If Bill Street could talk
  • Triple limit
  • Wonder Woman 1984

He also appeared in the TV series. Among other things;

  • Good versus Evil
  • Downtown
  • Non-segregated
  • Buffy Vampire Slayer
  • AngelTouched.
  • NYPD Blue
  • Earth versus Spider
  • Public order: Criminal intent
  • Without traceability
  • Public order
  • Public order: Criminal intent
  • Good woman
  • Nurse Jackie
  • Pendulum of
  • Siblings
  • Public order: Special case
  • Charlie Angels as Frederick Mercer.
  • Wonder Woman
  • Urgent notification: The case of Sam axis
  • Evidence
  • CSI: Investigation of the crime scene
  • Nikita
  • Red Widow
  • Graceland
  • Country of origin
  • Sixth barrel
  • Mentalist
  • Presentation
  • Throne series
  • Narcos
  • Guide roller
  • Mandalone

In addition to films, he also appeared in Sia’s music video Fire Meet Gasoline and was Paolo’s voice in a video game, Dishonored 2..

Prizes and appointments

The actor has several nominations to his name. He also has an impressive track record. Here are some of his awards and nominations;

  • In 2014 he won the Golden Derby Award in the guest player category for his role in the Game of Thrones.
  • For the same award, the Gold Derby Awards, he was also nominated for the Gold Derby Awards in the Breakthrough Actor of the Year category in the category for his role in the throne games.
  • In 2016 he was nominated for the Imagen Foundation Award in the category Best Actor – TV for his role in the film Narcos.
  • In 2014 he was nominated for the NewNowNext Awards in the category Best New TV Actor for his role in the Game of Thrones.
  • He was nominated for the Online Film and Television Association Award in the category Best Guest Actor in the dramatic series ; his role in the Game of Thrones.
  • In 2015 he was nominated for an award from the Screen Actors Guild for his outstanding performance by the ensemble in the drama series for his role in the Game of Thrones .

Pedro Pascal Throne game

It is unknown that this actor wanted to appear in Game of Thrones before he was asked for the role. When he was finally contacted, he made sure that his influence on the series was palpable.

After playing the role of Mother Superior Martell in Game of Thrones season 4, a talented actor found no time to work on the entire novel. However, he wanted to spend a lot of time studying his role. Oberin was to appear in the last half of the third novel Ein Sturm der Schwerter(Ein Sturm der Schwerter), which was then translated into season 4.

Pascal focused his energy on the fourth season in which his character appears. It started with chapter 38, which is mainly about the introduction of Superior when he reaches the royal level.

Auberine’s role does not go beyond the fourth season, as he is killed at the end of the season. Pascal was fully aware of this, and he didn’t mind.

He appears in the show for the first time when he visits Tyrion in a prison cell. It wasn’t a very nice scene compared to his last scene in the film, where he gets shot in the garden while talking to Cersei. The last shot was given when Lena (Cersei) and her superior looked out over the Adriatic Sea and thought of Cersei’s daughter.

Because he had to be a fighter in Game of Thrones , he was included in the training program that fits his role. Master Wushu called Master Hu was responsible for his training. He taught her to move and turn her hands with bows, arrows and swords.

Pedro Pascal Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal in Star Wars ? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He looks like a Mandalorian, a fully armored character.

He received the necessary recognition for the Mandalorian game in Star Wars . Mandalorian, which doubles the title of the series, requires actors to wear helmets and vests. Maybe that’s why no one understood when he was swapped with his doubles, Leithaph Crowder and Brendan Wayne. In one episode, Sanctuary, the actor did not appear at all. He played another role in the Broadway movie King Lear.

To ensure a smooth transition between his twins, he worked closely with Wayne and Lateph. Howard, the creator of the series, said he worked closely with Wayne to make the right episode. According to Howard, Wayne, the grandson of John Wayne, the famous western actor, met the expectations of the creator. The team was able to find the right moments and work them out together.

Although Pascal didn’t play the Mandalan, he was always the one who pronounced the episodes. So he worked closely with Wayne to make sure the Mandalorian movement was right.

Wayne said the two subjects would ask each other questions, so they could run in sync. He quickly draws Pedro’s attention to earthly nature. Pedro was not impressed by himself, but considered himself merely an actor. He said Pedro likes to learn and cooperate, and he’s incredibly good at it. Howard sees the mandalorian characters as a real collaboration between actors.

Pedro Pascal best friend

Isn’t it obvious that Oscar’s best friend Isaac Pedro? In an earlier interview, two friends came together to answer questions generated by Google’s AutoComplete search. It was fun to watch all the videos. At that time, two friends were working on the border triangle, but their owner had no doubts about their involvement in the project. Instead, Star Wars appeared, and one of the questions was asked: Is Pedro Pascal a Mandalorean?

The actor confirmed that he was indeed a Mandalorian. But his friend’s reaction attracted more attention. Oscar looked into the camera and said he had convinced his best friend to take over the role. Was that necessary?

It has benefited greatly from its participation in the Star Wars project. One of the advantages is a bad reputation. Playing Mandalorian chant is the right ticket for the most expensive concerts. He takes acting to a higher level. In addition, the Star Wars project provided the actor with a large and steady workload, eliminating all concerns about where the next paycheck would come from. It would be nice to see these two friends show up as Mandalorian.

Although Pedro Pascal is dragged into discussions about his sexuality and relationships, he remains calm. Every time he’s on the set, he does his best and impresses his fans. His work in Narcos, Game of Thronesand Triple Boundary is proof of his commitment to his career. It gives us great hope that the best is yet to come.


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