Muggsy Bogues with the other Space Jam players.

4. December 1990. The day the six-footed Tyrone Muggsy Bogues sank. Or is it?

There is more than one source saying that Muggsy Bogues fell that day during his pre-game warm-up, but without video footage it is difficult to confirm.

Anyway, here’s what we know.

First, with the vertical jump ratio 44 inches, would be able to climb over the edge and christen the basketball.

Secondly, Muggsy Bogues himself has , in which he claims to be able to dive several times in .

he stated in an interview with Coach Magus: I’ve never been to an NBA game… …but I can dive into basketball without a problem.

This is how the interview with Chuck Swirsky was conducted in 2000:

Chuck:Maggie, be honest with me. Can you take a bath?

Muggsy:I tipped in college and took a bath in high school, I can still touch the edge. I’ve always been a man capable of getting back on his feet. I’ve got one more little leap in my game.

If he has been able to immerse himself in high school, there is good reason to believe that the audience for the December 1990 audition session was not made up. After all, he was in his prime at the time.

Muggsy Bogues with the other Space Jam players.

Muggsy Bogues with the other Space Jam players.

That could be Muggsy Bogues.

Learn to dive today!

Find out how I increased my vertical jump by 10 centimeters and made my first dunk with Vert Shock!

The next question is , why didn’t he dive during the NBAgame?

The answer is much easier here. Immersion during the game itself would be difficult, useless and energy consuming.

Maggsy played the role of the little man in the field. He has built up a reputation as a defender, a fast and agile parasite on the giant field. He became an icon at the time of Michael Jordan and appeared in his favorite movie Space Jam in 1996.


Since Muggsy Bogues has never immersed himself in the game, the title of NBA Shortest Player when immersed belongs to Spud Webb.

Spud Webb was only 5’10 and not only threw himself in the games, but even won the NBA Slam Dunk competition in 1986. In the last round he defeated Dominic Wilkins with two perfect 50 points, an achievement that some other players have been able to match.


Muggsy Bogues cemented himself as an NBA legend, but not for immersion. Time will tell whether a super-short pair of glasses like Muggsy Bogues’ will return to the NBA.



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