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Aaron Fuller is an American internet personality, model and aspiring actor who became famous on the internet when he befriended TikTok star and model-turned-actress Grace Auten.

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What is Aaron Fuller known for?

  • She’s an American model and internet personality….

Aaron Fuller: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Aaron Fuller was born on the 6th. Born March 2000 in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA under the astrological sign of Pisces. He has not disclosed his parents, but in one of his YouTube videos, he admitted that he was adopted by his current parents in the name of his biological mother. Her biological mother’s name is Kim Fleming.

In his childhood, Aaron wanted so badly for his own siblings to share emotions and happiness, and he always asked about his mother when he was 16. Fortunately, Aaron met his biological sister Lauren Ramos in June 2016. Similarly, he is an American citizen, but has not disclosed his ethnicity.


He went to a private Christian school, then went to a public school that ruined his education. He couldn’t take his new classmates, which led to anxiety disorders and some other health problems. Then Aaron quit school and switched to social media. During this time he was harshly criticized and condemned when he decided to leave the school. Similarly, some of his detractors have claimed that his dream of becoming famous on social media led to him dropping out of high school. However, he is currently considering continuing his education through distance learning.

Aaron Fuller: Professional career as director, direction

Aaron is actively using social media to overcome an anxiety disorder he has suffered from since high school. He was willing to share his grief, his feelings with others. So he used social media accounts to connect with strangers and founded Twitter in April 2014. He then started posting random thoughts on Twitter and decided to create an Instagram account as well.

Aaron posted his photos on his Instagram handle and quickly became a popular Instagrammer. Nevertheless, his breathtaking photographs have earned him a considerable following, which now exceeds 290,000. As a result, Aaron began streaming his videos live on YouNow, which helped him grow his fan base. He has also worked with many successful social media stars, which has helped him build a career on YouTube.

Signature: Aaron Fuller (Source: Pinterest)


He also created his eponymous YouTube channel in 2016 and posted at 26. October 2016 his first music video titled Whats been goin’. He has posted videos like ROOM TOUR AND MY OLD YEARBOOK, 10 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG that got top views. The content usually consists of reaction videos, challenges, tasting activities, mukbang, blogs, interviews, etc.

One of his famous videos on Youtube is the 12 HOUR TRANSFORMATION TRANSMISSION with 436K views. Some of his other notable videos: WEAR LONG ACRYLIC NAILS FOR 24 HOURS **PAIN, TACO BELL MUKBANG WITH TANA MONGEAU & IMARI STUART, NASTY WOULD YOU RATHERS !!!! Ft. Mikey Barone, and many others that are worth watching and look interesting.

Aaron Fuller: Net equity (2021) and personnel costs

He also makes money from his part-time job, and his net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million.

Signature: Aaron Fuller (Source: Exolite)

Is Aaron Fuller married? Woman, children, marriage

Aaron appears to be currently single and his sexual orientation is lesbian and he has announced that he is gay. He was in a relationship with YouTuber Imari Stuart in 2018. However, it seems that they are no longer together. He also posted a boyfriend tag with his then-boyfriend, Jackson Kresioch. In the video, they explain their relationship and also tell their followers how they met.

Aaron Fuller: Length, weight, colour of eyes

Handsome Aaron is six feet tall and weighs about 72 pounds. He also has brown eyes and brown hair. Still, he keeps trying the blonde dye.

Signature: Aaron Fuller (Source: Twitter)

Is Aaron Fuller active on social media?

He has over 311,6,000 followers on Instagram as @aaronxfuller and over 80,000 followers on Twitter.

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