A brief history of CanadaThe character of television is a truck with icy roads. This is Alex Debogorsky. Alex took over the livelihood of a truck driver as a child and has since traveled many miles to reach this state of life satisfaction. The heart was left to him. Life: Alex was founded in 1953 in a village in Canada called Berwin. He saw the light in a cave north of Flying Lake. Irene and Stanley are her parents.

Alex’s father was a paratrooper during the Second World War and served in the army for 12 decades. Irene and Stanley’s wedding took place in London. Alex grew up with three brothers and a sister. His childhood was passed on to him by Alex on farms in Alberta. He got his license. I went to a bike shop after school myself. He thought it would be exciting to be on the road. With the consequences of multiple drivers, he opted for a truck driver. In 1972, when he was still a teenager at the age of 19, he had taken the road to fame and the street and started his career. Career: Alex didn’t limit himself. Thanks to his work, he managed to call a taxi. He has also worked in oil and coal mines.

The winter track was completed a long time ago, at the end of March. There were no cameras that year. After my first trip north of Yellowknife to the diamond mines ………. https://t.co/Zn4aZE1M0S.

– Alex Debogorsky (@IceRoadAlex) 10. May 2018.

He has operated his own diamond and coal mines. In his day, he chose to live off that bouncing. After a while he started selling and buying houses and found the profession promising. He was strong enough to get a foothold and sell his truck. He also had his first break. Alex went on the hunt for a reality show with a few personalities that could be selected. His attitude to life and Debogorsky’s excitement make him a pleasant character outside the frame. Sober and enchanting nature has left him this essential reality show. The series tells about the lives of people who once transported goods on the ice. They’re going to grow ponds that endanger their own lives. These truck drivers drive their vehicles to serve and support other packaged goods that are vital when men and women seek shelter in winter. Every twist of this stain is mined with the dangers of life. Drivers must be careful and remain calm. The series turned out to be a television series and was overwhelmingly received. Alex was old, but he was still accepted. A few real life stories about Alex, who lived his whole life on the streets, have enriched the series. This reality show helped Alex put together an experiment. He came out with the book The King of the Road: The fairy tales of the legendary truck on the ice road in 2010 were true stories of many special truckers. When they ride on the ice, these drivers put their lives on the line. Alex was a regular columnist for the Yellowknife newspaper. Life: Alex and Louise got married in 1976. A couple moved to Yellowknife City. Alex has two grandchildren and twenty-five children.

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