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Amy Ordman is a famous Australian star on Youtube. Additionally, she is a Los Angeles-based content creator who has worked with several well-known content creators such as Jack Dodge, Alexis G Zall, Tide Levy and others. Many of his YouTube videos also revolve around the themes of sexuality and relationships.

Why is Amy Ordman famous?

  • Like an Australian YouTube star.
  • Amy has also worked with several well-known content creators including Jack Dodge, Alexis G Zall, Tide Levy and others.

How old is Amy Ordman? Age, biology, parents, siblings, ethnicity

Amy Ordman was born on the 14th. November 1993 in Sydney, Australia. She’s 27 years old now. His astrological sign is Scorpio.

Signature : Amy Ordman (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, there is no information about Amy’s family and siblings.  She is an Australian citizen and her ethnicity is unknown.

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History of education

Speaking of education: There’s no record of Amy’s graduation.

Did you know that?

  1. How old is Amy Ordman? – She was born on the 14th. Born November 1993. She’s 27 years old now.
  2. What is Amy Ordman’s zodiac sign? His astrological sign is Scorpio.
  3. Amy Ordman has a net worth of approximately $102,000 in 2020.

All about Amy’s career

Ordman launched the channel on June 26, 2013 and has collected a total of 44,563,782 views to date. It also publishes a variety of videos with tags, stories, personal advice and more.

Moreover, Amy even collaborates with many other YouTube users for their blogs. Since then, his YouTube channel has been doing pretty well. To top it off, this vlog channel has managed to gain over 421,000 subscribers so far.

Also the first on Amy’s YouTube channel is Mombassa on Line – Jinja Safari. While this video was made on the 1st. November 2013 has been posted and still has 64K views. While ELLEN GUEST DJ !!!, Katy Perry – BIRTHDAY (officially) Sassy Dance BY COLLEEN and CUTTING MY HAIR ON CAMERA are the second, third and fourth videos on this channel respectively. In addition, all of these videos have been viewed and commented on thousands of times.

Signature : Amy Ordman (Source: Pinterest)

The most popular video on their channel is also THE DRINKING WATER IN THE PLAYMACHINE by ANDREW LOWE! ~ Episode 3~ She also made this video on the 1st. October 2016 was put online, and so far the video has been viewed 2.4 million times. Other popular videos are : SUSHIBLE TRU TAKE BELL IN A TIMESHIP MACHINE IN CHANNON! ~ Episode 2~, Why We REALLY Stopped Being Friends, REALITY IN INTOOOYAC! ~ Episode 1 ~ and BEST FRIENDS READ THE OTHER PI!

Ordman is also active on other social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has an Instagram account under the name amyordman. And she also shared 377 posts on her Instagram page. Similarly, Amy has also put many of her friends on her Instagram posts. She is also very active on Twitter. She joined the Twitter platform in March 2009. Ordman is also active on Tumblr.

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Amy’s net worth is estimated to be around $102,000. While his main source of income is Youtube. She has also published 179 videos that have continued to grow with her audience month after month.

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Is Amy Ordman gay? Relationship

Amy Ordman is a lesbian and has publicly declared it. She went out with some girls. She was in a relationship with her boyfriend, YouTuber Miles McKenna. Miles shares comedy videos and blogs on his YouTube channel. Miles is also transgender. Additionally, Amy Ordman is very friends with several YouTube personalities with whom she often collaborates.

Signature : Amy Ordman (Source: Pinterest)

Length, weight, colour of eyes

Amy is 5-foot-7 and weighs 55 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Social Media Profile

Amy has 420K subscribers on YouTube and 183K followers on Instagram. He is also active on Twitter and has 103.1K followers.

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