Electric scooters are scooters that use an electric motor as a form of propulsion and that do not produce air pollution or noise pollution. You’ve probably heard about them or you’re probably one of the 300 people who bought one last semester. If you are one of the lucky ones who already has an electric scooter in your possession, protect it with our scooter insurance

Electric scooter, mobility without pollution

Although it seems that electric scooters are something new, you have to look back to find out when the first electric motor scooter came on the market, since it was at the end of the 1860s. Surprised?

It was a few years later when the commercialization of electric scooters in stores began, in 1911. Of course, they had nothing to do with the models that we now find on the market. In 2007 this eco invention was fully consolidated with the A123 Killacycle model, a scooter powered by a lithium ion battery and that managed to reach the record of 270km / h by traveling 400 meters in 7.8 seconds in Phoenix (United States) .

1. How electric scooters work

One of the main advantages of electric scooters is that they do not emit any annoying noise. Not only do they not pollute the atmosphere but they also do not produce noise pollution, so they are an alternative to the transport of a combustion engine.

The cost of fuel for the electric motor is approximately 10% of what the gasoline engine costs: that is, you can save up to 90% on your energy bill every month. In addition, an electric scooter can be recharged in your own garage without having to go to the charging point. More and more electricity companies are offering special rates for the deployment of all types of electric vehicles.

2. How are electric scooters charged?

  1. Use the connection cable that comes out of the scooter to the socket (at public charging points around the city)
  2. Through removable batteries. They can be taken home and loaded comfortably in your own garage, as if it were a mobile.

In addition to saving energy, there is also a saving in maintenance, since this type of scooter does not have filters, belts, or oil that a conventional scooter does. The maintenance field is smaller and this leads to it being more economical.

3. How the electric motor of a scooter works

The innovation of electric motors and batteries has not stopped evolving in recent years. Currently, electric scooter batteries are usually lithium, which, unlike many mobile phone batteries, tend to lose the “memory effect”, that is, the famous effect that reduces their useful life over time. For this reason, you can recharge the batteries several times, even on the same day, without fear of deteriorating their power and duration.

Electric scooter batteries last about 500 complete cycles (lead batteries) and between 1000 and 2000 complete cycles for lithium batteries.

4. How much do the batteries of an electric scooter consume?

The autonomy of electric scooters is always conditioned by several factors:

  • The weight carried
  • The orography of the land
  • The way of driving

The normal thing is that it can be done between 45 and 70 km with a lead battery and 500 charges. If you have a lithium battery, between 70 and 120km and between 1000 and 2000 charges (more than 70,000 km).

One of the consequences that many people are moving to the side of electric scooters is the rise in fuel prices in recent years, and also environmental regulations. The price of diesel today is at € 1,392 per liter, and has already accumulated several increases after the price of oil has shot up 50% in two years.

This is one of the reasons that has driven the purchase of electric vehicles and scooters. Even so, within the range of ecological cars, Spaniards mostly prefer hybrid vehicles over electric ones.

Currently in Spain there are 30,166 recharging points for cars, scooters and electric bicycles, although the plans of the electric companies and vehicle manufacturers are for it to multiply in the short term.

5. Advantages of electric scooters

In recent months, high pollution warnings have led many authorities to modify procedures accordingly. According to the European Regulation on Air Quality , several Spanish cities exceed the maximum levels of polluting particles in the air.

The different regulations promoted from Europe intend that in 2020 the toxic particles in suspension will be reduced by 15% compared to the data of 2011.

Given this situation, electric vehicles and scooters play a very important role in reducing polluting emissions. For example, Madrid launched Phase 3 of its Protocol for the first time in December 2016

On December 29, 2016, phase 3 of the Madrid Pollution Protocol entered into force . During the following days, vehicles whose last number was an even number were prohibited from driving in the city center. All “zero emission” vehicles, hybrids, powered with liquefied gas, scooters, electric scooter company in india, those for people with reduced mobility, cars with more than 3 occupants, public transport and special services could circulate regardless of their registration.

6. Rental of electric scooters and electric bicycles in Barcelona and Madrid

Precisely to reduce these levels of pollution, there are various initiatives in the main municipalities of Spain to promote the use of electric vehicles and thus reduce emissions.

For example, the Madrid and Barcelona city councils have designed electric scooter rental systems together with private companies. Similarly, Madrid has created a public scooter system called BiciMad, which is made up of a park of electric bicycles scattered around the central almond of the capital and which will gradually spread to more peripheral neighborhoods.

7. What electric scooter can I drive with the b license?

The B permit opens many doors for us so that we can drive a scooter. As a general rule, anyone with this license can drive scooters with a displacement of up to 125 cc. Regarding electric scooters and the B license, it must be taken into account that, from 3 years old, it allows you to drive electric scooters of up to 11 kW (equivalent to the A1).

8. Electric scooters: reducing pollution

The environmental pollution produced by motor vehicles is caused mainly by carbon monoxide, the most abundant polluting gas in the atmosphere of cities. The promotion of electric vehicles not only means savings in gasoline, but also leads to a reduction in pollution. Therefore, by using an electric motor we not only take care of the environment, but of the health of all people. The latest generation electric scooters have much more efficient and sustainable technologies than their previous models, in large part due to the introduction of high-performance lithium batteries.

9. Electric scooters: lower tax payment

Another benefit of electric scooters is the considerable savings it entails in paying taxes. An electric scooter, with its corresponding DGT sticker , pays less taxes than other types of vehicles. In fact, scooters, skateboards, electric bicycles, and electric scooters are tax-free in many regions. This type of sustainable mobility vehicles have significant discounts or are exempt from paying taxes, such as circulation, in the vast majority of Spanish municipalities. Also, electric scooters do not pay registration taxes.

Although as buyers of an electric scooter we are not going to get rid of paying VAT (if it is a new scooter) or the Property Transaction Tax if it is second-hand, we will be able to avoid other taxes, such as paying taxes. fuel, as well as oils and lubricants typical of the internal combustion engine. Finally, it should be noted that in many cities around the world the purchase of this type of vehicle is encouraged with government aid, as is the case with the Moves II Plan in Spain.


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