B Simone is an American actress, singer, screenwriter, director, entrepreneur, and social media star known for her many shows and movies, including I Got the Hook Up 2, Ray Jr’s Rent Due, Wild ‘N Out, Hip Hop Squares, and I Need a Date.

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  • 1 What B knows. Simone?
  • 2B Simone: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity.
  • 3 Education
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  • 5 All about B. Simone’s career.
  • 6B Simone: Net value (2020)
  • 7 B. Is Simon married? Husband, children, marriage.
  • 8B Simone: Height, weight, eye color.
  • 9 B. Is it active? Simone on social networks?
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For what B. Is Simone known?

  • American actress, singer, writer, director, entrepreneur.
  • For his performance in I Got the Hook Up 2.

B Simone: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

B. Simone was born on the 5th. Born April 1990 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Her birth name is Simone Brelin. His family consists of a father, a mother and siblings. She’s an American citizen.

Her name is Brelin. The names of his father and mother are not known to the public. She also has siblings. She has a sister named Jordine.


As far as education is concerned, it performs well in the exam for school leavers.

Did you know about this?
  • How old is B. Simone? She’s 30 years old since 2020.
  • What’s B. Simone’s net cost? It’s estimated at about $1 million.
  • Б. Simone in a relationship? She has a love affair with Dababi’s rapper.

All about the career of B Simone

First she auditioned for the BET research competition in 2012. But now she faces rejection. It is also very popular on social networking sites. It has accounts at Instagram through Thebsimone, Bsimonebeauty and Allbxoxo. GUCCI is one of his favorite brands.

B Simone | Bio, Age, Net Worth (2020), Songs, Movies, Instagram | Signature : B Simone (Source: Pinterest)

Under the brand ww7.everythingbxoxo.com it sells its products such as wallets, designer bags and much more. It has a crossover backpack that directly meets your needs in a reliable, practical and beautifully made way.

Their slogan is Elegance, which is their trademark. Beneath the chic look and feel of these crossover body bags are a number of organizational features that make them easy to find and use.

The bags have luxuriously padded compartments, inner and outer pockets with zipper or sliding panels and special places to store mobile phones, sunglasses, wallets, pens and other commonly used items.

She is also a make-up artist, with a YouTube channel on beauty, make-up and blogs. Your YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, although video uploads are somewhat inconsistent.

As a singer she released an EP, Stack Now Cry Later. She simply broadened her horizons through hard work, passion and sincerity. In August 2018 she started her own comedy tour with her comic friends.

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B Simone: Shareholders’ equity (2020)

Its net value is estimated at around USD 1 million. Singing is their main source of income. It also supports products and brands.

B Simone | Bio, Age, Net Worth (2020), Songs, Movies, Instagram | Signature : Б. Simone (source: Shadow Room)

B. Simone’s married? Husband, children, marriage.

She has a love affair with Dababi’s rapper. They’re compatible with each other. She went out with Darian Barnes. Her ex-boyfriend Darian – a well-known actor and model who appeared in the series You’re my exuberant boyfriend and played the role of Invisalign.

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B Simone: Height, weight, colour of eyes

Simone is 30 years old, is 1.60 m tall and weighs 55 kg. Their height is 40-32-42 B with brown eyes and black hair.

B Simone | Bio, Age, Net Worth (2020), Songs, Movies, Instagram | Signature : B Simone (Source: YouTube)

B. Is it active? Simone on social networking sites?

She is active in social networks. It also launched its eponymous channel on YouTube, where it has 621 K+ followers from August 2020.


  • She’s an animal lover.
  • She’s a tattoo artist.

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