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Dylan Sprayberry is an actor known for his rendition of Liam Dunbar in the Teen Wolf television series , as well as a young version of Clark in the film Man of Steel. Sprayberry, despite its relatively young age, has achieved many successes in the world of entertainment. The actor has a lot of fans online, which can be explained by his acting performance.

Dealer height

Photo:, @OfficialDylanSprayberry

How old is Dylan Spreiberry? The actor was born Dana and Carl Spriberry. Dylan Sprayberry’s birthday is the 7th. July 1998. He grew up with his brother Ellerie, who also made his theatre debut. The actor studied at Brighton Hall, California, and at the University of Western Elementary School. He comes from a family of mixed nationality with Belgian, German and English roots.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Dylan Syringe Tubes
  • Date of birth: 7. July 1998.
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Place of birth: Texas, America
  • Ethnic accessories: Mixed (German, English and Belgian)
  • Nationality: Americans
  • Parents: Dana and Carl Spriberry.
  • Occupation: Actors
  • Social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Weight: 74 kg

Dylan Spriberry films and television programmes

Sprayberry started acting in 2007 when he landed a supporting role in the movie Sunday Man. He was also selected as one of the characters in the film My Father , which was released the same year. Other important roles he played in the beginning of his acting career were Football Mum, Spaced and Goat Boy. Dylan was also invited to star in the seventy-fifth episode of the popular series Think Like a Criminal.

Later, in 2009, he got roles in the films Three Gifts, Reconciliation, Chasing a Dream, and Old Dogs,. In 2011 he played the role of young love in the films Shuffle and Rodney. The big breakthrough in his acting career came in 2013 when he landed the role of the young Clark Kent in the hit film Man of Steel. A year later he got another important role, that of Liam Dunbar in the very popular Ta Wolf series.

Dylan has been nominated twice for the Saturn Award for his short acting career.

Dylan Sprayberry Instagram and other social networking accounts

The actor is very active on various social platforms. Currently, his Instagram pen, @dylansprayberry, has almost three million followers. Dylan’s Twitter account has nearly one million followers, while his Facebook account @OfficialDylanSprayberry has over three hundred thousand followers.

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What is the name of Dylan Spreiberry’s girlfriend?

Dylan’s love life is perhaps one of the most talked-about aspects of his life among his admirers. There were reports that the actor’s sexual orientation was linked to reports that he might be homosexual. Although Dylan rarely talks about his sexuality, his past relationships suggest that rumors about gay men are unfounded.

Rumor has it that he first met Alicia Gillis, a famous actress, when they were on stage Teen Wolf. However, none of them confirmed the reports on the alleged relationship.

In 2015 Dylan would have met the French model Estelle Yves. Like her previous relationship, the alleged short-lived relationship with Estelle has never been confirmed. After Yves, the actor Adelaide O’Brien and later the actress Joey King would have met. According to unconfirmed information from Joey, the couple went on holiday in Palm Springs with other friends and even participated in a fairly intimate photo shoot.

Dylan Sprayberry girlfriend

Figure:, @dylansprayberry.

In 2017 Dylan Sprayberry and Samantha Logan started to meet. It was one of the few confirmed relationships. On Valentine’s Day 2019 they were seen making pottery and coming together in a warm atmosphere. This led to the hypothesis that Samantha was definitely more than Dylan Spreiberry’s best friend.

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Height of Dylan spray range

The actor has a tinted body with an attractive physique. It is relatively large, measures 5 foot 8 inches and weighs 74 pounds. His body measures 41-33-15 centimeters in length, the waist and biceps are wide.

This biography of Dylan Spreiberry portrays a rising star in the film and television industry. Despite the young age of the actor, he appeared several times in various films and television series. His frequent activity on social media platforms and his mass surveillance implies that he has a large fan base. Fans hope to see him in other series and films soon.

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