Experience Zion at Instagram

Who’s Zion Williamson’s girlfriend? That question has been in the minds of many NBA fans since the pelicans of New Orleans Williamson voted number one in the NBA general classification in 2019.

Williamson, a 0-star who has blinded fans with ties around the glove since he was the Duke Blue Devils’ sole spokesman in 2018-19, has reportedly signed a two-year contract worth approximately $20 million. In addition, Williamson’s team also has the option to extend this agreement to the third and fourth seasons, which would translate into a profit of about $45 million if all this is said and done in 2022-23.

When an athlete wants to become a big star and receive a big salary, people naturally ask themselves the obvious question: Is he connected to anyone?

The answer is complicated.

In the months leading up to the NBA project, the wickerwork indicated that Williamson was associated with a beautiful young woman named Tiana White. Unfortunately, communication between couples has been rare in recent months, to say the least, so many people think they are still together.

We know that for sure: Williamson and White were definitely together, while the first one was at Spartanburg Day School in Spartanburg, South Carolina. A couple went to prom together when Williamson was the oldest and White the youngest.

Experience Zion at Instagram

Experience Zion at Instagram

At the time, the whites took part in cheerleading, volleyball and track and field teams on the Spartanburg Day School’s own grounds. It is not clear if their love for athletics was united by a duet – but at that time they were definitely connected.

Due to the age difference between Williamson and White in one year, it is unclear what their relationship was when he graduated high school to join Mike Krzyszewski and become the Blue Devil.

The Spartanburg Day School is located in South Carolina, as mentioned above. Duke is a private research school founded in 1838 in Durham, North Carolina. Two schools are almost four hours apart by car, which complicates personal relationships.

The good news for all involved is that Williamson only spent one season with Duke before he could move on. He ran a very successful campaign in the first year which made him the most popular young player in NBA design.

The bad news is that Williamson, because he was so good, chose the first overall score for pelicans in the design this year. New Orleans is about 10 hours from South Carolina. This would have been less of a problem if White had been trained somewhere near New Orleans. Unfortunately, according to her, she was admitted to Wofford College on social networking sites. Like his school, Wofford lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

So we thought the two were very far apart.

Now let’s look at the evidence from the social media. Williamson has kept White from all of his accounts, including Instagram and Twitter. There may be countless reasons for this, but the fact remains that it is not mentioned anywhere in his most important reports.

The last time the couple was connected via social networks was in January 2018, when they were still students in Spartanburg. They were on Instagram Live, and someone asked Williamson if he had a girlfriend. Williamson was joking: Is that true? To which White replied: If you say no, you don’t do it anymore.

Currently, Williamson is not a follower of White on Twitter. It wouldn’t be a big problem if there weren’t screenshots showing that he was at some point, actually a fan. Why the change? Nobody knows that.

Meanwhile, White’s Instagram is private, so who knows what’s going on there.

Given the lack of evidence on social networks and the distance that seems to separate Williamson and White, they are not together. And since Williamson hasn’t been publicly associated with anyone else since school, it seems to indicate that he’s actually single.




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