There are a multitude of different shades of hair. Depending on the color of the hair, the technique or technology used for hair removal may be more or less effective. This is why it is important to choose a technique adapted to the color of your hair. So that you can choose a suitable solution, we’ve made a list of things to consider before choosing the best technique to get rid of your hair in the most effective way possible.

Hair removal methods

Laser hair removal

The laser emits monochromatic light. Its target is melanin. The greater the contrast between the hair and the skin, the more efficient the laser. Indeed, the ideal conditions are dark hairs and fair skin. Here is a small summary of the effectiveness of the laser according to the color of the hair:

  • Dark hair / light skin color: Dark hair is by far the easiest to treat. In fact, the more there is a contrast between the color of the skin and the color of the hair, the more there will be a better absorption of the laser rays.
  • Medium dark hair / matte skin color– The difficulty gets worse compared to dark hair and light skin color, but in itself the treatment remains very effective. The results are very good. The aesthetic doctor is the only one who can make the right adjustment according to your hairiness and your skin type.
  • Light or blond hair– Laser hair removal of light hair is difficult to treat. White hairs contain less melanin and they have a harder time absorbing laser rays. On the other hand, if the hairs are dark blond or light brown, hair removal is effective provided the laser parameters are adjusted appropriately.
  • White or red hairs– Not being sufficiently loaded with melanin, the laser cannot eliminate them effectively.
  • White or gray hairs– These are impossible to treat because they just don’t contain melanin.

Why shouldn’t you come tanned to a laser hair removal session?


The target of the laser is melanin. The principle of the laser is to burn the hair and its bulb to eliminate it permanently. The darker the hair, the thicker it is, the richer it is in melanin and the more efficient the laser. But when you tan, your skin is loaded with melanin and the laser no longer differentiates between tanned skin and hair. The laser therefore risks burning your skin, which is why you should not come tanned on the areas to be depilated on the day of the session. Likewise, it is contraindicated to pass the laser on a tattoo. If you have a tattoo, your doctor will not pass the laser over it to avoid burning you.

Other hair removal methods for all hair colors


  • Waxing: Waxing is a very effective and long-lasting technique for all hair colors. It leaves the skin soft and luminous and offers an immediate result after the session and this lasts around a few weeks before the next regrowth appears.
  • Depilatory creams: Depilatorycreams are effective for all hair colors, and are ideal for people who cannot stand the pain. However, the technique must be renewed each month.
  • Electrolysis:Electrolysis is suitable for all hair colors, however the technique is relatively long but the results are final.
  • Electric hair removal: Hair-to-hair electric hair removal is a permanent hair removal technique in one session. Even if the technique is relatively long and meticulous (between 20mn and 2h)


How can the Olympia Center help me?


As you have read, the Olympia Center does not practice electric hair removal but may redirect you to one of its colleagues.


What are the applications of laser hair removal?

Hair removal is an aesthetic method that affects both men and women today. Indeed, many of us want to get rid of unwanted hair, which takes place in various places on the body. Some appear on the face in particular, others on body parts of the anatomy, and in all cases, the goal is to get rid of them as quickly as possible, and for the longest possible time. It is true that this involves tedious tasks, often carried out in an institute.

The depilatory laser is an excellent alternative, especially for people who have a rather strong hair, requiring very frequent care. This is a so-called permanent hair removal method, since it prevents hair regrowth. These will not only be cut or torn, but truly destroyed in depth, thanks to the action of the laser.

You should know that the depilatory laser is used on the whole body. It can in particular be used to remove unsightly hair located on the legs, arms, armpits, pubis, as well as other areas that can sometimes cause certain complexes, such as the stomach, back, hands, chest, etc. to name just a few areas. The laser hair reduction in delhi can therefore be used wherever it is needed. And the face is also affected moreover: cheeks, upper lip, eyebrows, forehead, can also be waxed using the depilatory laser.

This will come, through the skin, to concentrate on the melanin of the hair, which is its natural pigment, the one that makes it dark. During the flash, the hair will then be heated, until its final destruction. This will concern both the body of the hair and its bulb, which also serves as a matrix. This will then result in permanent hair removal, since the hair thus destroyed will have little chance of growing back.

However, we cannot use the laser on just any type of hair.

Hair removal treatment areas

To better understand how permanent laser hair removal works, it is necessary to take stock of the composition of the hair. This consists of four different parts:

  • The bulb, or hair matrix, which is inside the dermis. This is the place where the hair is formed. In other words, the bulb is its root. Cell multiplication takes place in the bulb, allowing hair growth. It is also the bulb which secretes, via the melanocytes, the melanin giving its color to the hairs and the hair.
  • The isthmus, which is the section of the hair between the bulb and the sebaceous gland.
  • The infundibulum, the section of the hair between the sebaceous gland and the epidermis.
  • The hair shaft, the visible part of the hair made up mainly of keratin.

Good to know: the composition of the hair is identical to that of the hair.

Is permanent laser hair removal dangerous for health?

As we explained to you beforehand, the laser is stimulated by the melanin contained in the hair. This means that if it is dark, it will be easily destroyed by the device. As a consequence, conversely, a light hair cannot be lasered. Indeed, the too blond hairs are completely insensitive to this treatment, which will then imply a total ineffectiveness of the device. It will therefore be necessary to opt for the laser instead for hairs dark enough so that they can attract the laser beam.

Thus, if you have light hair, even if it is relatively important, you will unfortunately have to forget about this permanent hair removal method. It will also be necessary to avoid the laser if your skin is too dark: it could be damaged by the light rays of the laser, which are attracted to the melanin, contained in both the hair and the skin. It is also for this reason that we will not use the laser on tanned skin during the summer.

The action of the light beam on melanin

The device used by the doctor at our aesthetic center is a laser, generating a light beam . This is captured by the hair, and more precisely by the melanin it contains. This is the reason why permanent hair removal is not effective on women with light hair. Indeed, melanin is able to make light travel, and therefore the heat it generates, throughout the hair, from the stem, passing through the isthmus, the infundibulum and the bulb. This process is called “conduction phenomenon”.


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