Canadian actor, Reilly Dolman Bring a baby girl from his past relationship; reported to be unmarried;

Rebecca Soteros is known as the former friend of the late American actor Paul Walker and the mother of her only child Meadow Rayne Walker.

Just like after Walker died, she now leads a private life in California with her baby Meadow.

Who is Rebecca Soteros?

Rebecca was born in 1974 in the United States. She’s currently forty-five years old. She is the daughter of Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros. She grew up with a younger brother named Joshua.

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Then the star went to a private Christian school, Village Christian School in California. She graduated high school in 1992.

The reason Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker failed in their relationship

Rebecca met Paul during her stay in California, when Paul had already started his television career as a young artist. He has also played small roles in television commercials.

Canadian actor, Reilly Dolman Bring a baby girl from his past relationship; reported to be unmarried;

Paul is having fun with his daughter.

The duo then started their work in 1998. Rebecca wanted to marry Paul, but he refused because of his young age.

After dating for several months, she became pregnant with Meadow in March of that year; she turned to him again, but Paul withdrew from the engagement and declared his immaturity to raise the child. He was only 25 at the time.

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Moreover, the couple will welcome the guests on the 4th day. November 1998, his only child, Meadow Rain Walker. The famous star Vin Diesel is the godfather of Meadows. Just like she moved to Hawaii with her grandchild to work as a teacher.

However, Meadow understood herself after her 12th birthday. Birthday with her father. She visited him in California because his mother was an alcoholic. She tried to convince her parents to marry her, but she couldn’t.

Fast and furious star, death of Paul Walker.

Already on the 30th. November 2013 Walker and Rifer Rhodes went on the Walker Highway to help victims of Typhoon Ayan all over the world. On the way back from the event his car crashed into a concrete streetlamp and then caught fire.

At that time they drove the Porsche Carrera GT and were driven by Rodas. At the scene, Rhodes died of his injuries, while Walker died of his wounds and burns.

Blessed with his daughter, Meadowwalker

Rebecca is currently single and lives with her daughter in California. After Paul’s death, Rebecca took custody of his child.

Canadian actor, Reilly Dolman Bring a baby girl from his past relationship; reported to be unmarried;

Rebecca and her daughter click on picture

Rebecca finally got custody of the children after she was placed in a rehab clinic. Later she moved to California with her baby.

What is Rebecca Sotero’s net worth?

Soteros used to be a teacher on Hawaii. Your income must be greater than $60,000. From now on, she will receive custody fees for her daughter.

Paul left a large sum of over $ 10 million and his daughter’s estate.

Soteros’ ex-boyfriend, Walker, had a relationship with a man before his death in the 19th century. For centuries, a net worth of over $45 million. There were rumours that Paul’s former girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, might be the rightful owner of the property.

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Rebecca and Meadow are currently involved in charitable foundations and Paul’s work.

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