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Carter Sharer is an American social media celebrity, YouTube star and content creator who has posted videos on his eponymous YouTube channel featuring pranks, challenges, Q&A, crafts, blogs, experiments and other fascinating things from his life.

Why is Carter Shair known?

  • As an American social media star, YouTube star and content creator.
  • The eponymous channel has over 7 million subscribers.

How old is Carter Shahr? Biography, parents, siblings, ethnicity

Carter Shair was born on the 23rd. Born October 1993 in the United States of America. He’s 27 years old now. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Signature : Photo of Carter Ball’s baby (Source: Instagram).

Unfortunately, there is no information available about Carter’s family. Moreover, his father is a lawyer and his mother an artist and painter. Carter has two siblings, Grace Scheer and Stephen Scheer.  He is an American citizen of Caucasian descent.

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History of education

About Carter’s college career: She attended Oakton High School in Fairfax County, Virginia, and graduated in 2012. He then attended Carnegie Mellon University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering.

Did you know that?

  1. How old is Carter Shahr? – He was born on the 23rd. Born in October 1993. He’s 27 years old now.
  2. What is Carter Ball’s sign? His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  3. How many brothers and sisters does Carter Ball have? He has two siblings, Steven Sharr and Grace Sharr.
  4. What’s Carter Sharer’s net worth? – Based on 2021 data, Carter’s net worth is about $3.5 million.

All about Shareholder Carter’s career

The shareholder launched his channel on the 24th. September 2009. His first video was also My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer), where he introduced himself to the audience. He also looked at a science experiment titled Test Falling Soda on Ninja Weapons, in which Shair and his brother explode soda bottles by dropping them on ninja weapons.

Although this video was a success, other experimental videos soon followed. After a while, YouTubers started publishing collaborative blogs while continuing with their experimental videos.

Signature : Carter Sharer and his friend (Source: Instagram)

Then the popularity of his channel reached new heights when the RC Car Drives on Pool video was released. This video was uploaded on the 21st. December 2017 showed Scharer driving his RC car in the pool. The blog also became an epic success and got millions of views. It currently has over 12 million views (as of October 2018).

Moreover, the channel received more than 386 million collective views. One of the most watched videos on this channel, Scuba Diving in the Pond in Search of Treasure, with over 12 million views, is definitely worth watching!

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

The Company has estimated net assets of approximately $3.5 million. As a YouTuber, he has an average salary of 1.68K – 5.2K.

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Carter Shair is single? Relationship

Carter Sharr is in a relationship with another YouTube personality, Elizabeth Chang, aka Lizzie Sharr. Sharer also has a dog named Baby Otter Sharer. The dog has his own YouTube channel and his own Instagram account.

Signature : Carter Sharer and his girlfriend (Source: Twitter)

Length, weight, colour of eyes

The sump is 6 feet long and weighs 70 pounds. He has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Social Media Profile

He is active on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sharer has about 766K followers with 726 posts on Instagram, 43K followers on Facebook and about 12.4K followers on Twitter.

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frequently asked questions

How tall is Carter Shair?

He measures 178 cm (5 feet 8 inches).

What is Carter’s wealth?

The inventory is valued at $2.6 million. Most of this revenue comes from the video ads with over 5K revenue per download! His annual income is estimated at over $1 million, making him one of the highest paid young personalities on YouTube.

Who is Carter Ball’s wife?

It’s not illegal to know that Carter is connected to another YouTuber named Lizzie Sharer. His girlfriend is from Washington, D.C., and her real name is Elizabeth Chang. In November 2018, Lizzie was going to ask Carter to be her boyfriend, but things turned out differently than she had planned.

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