Charles Levine is an American actor known for his excellent roles in various television series. He played the role of Elliot Novak in the drama series Alice. In 1982 he played the role of Eddie Gregg in Hill Street Blues.

He played that role for four years. The eighth. In November 2019, U.S. authorities confirmed the death of Charles Levin after an accident.

That’s what it looks like:

What was the cause of Charles Levin’s death?

According to his son, Charles has been raised since he was 8 years old. July 2019 gone. At that moment Charles was thinking of moving to his new home in town. His damaged car was found on a road near Selma, Oregon.

His dog’s name was Boo Bear, and he went for a drive. According to the authorities, Charles got out of his car after the accident and fell on a 30-foot dyke. Well, the 15th. In July, the authorities announced his death.

Real name and status

His name is about the same as the one you know: Charles Herbert Levine. And right now, in December 2019, Charles is no longer alive. He died in a car accident.

Date, place and age of birth

Charles Levin’s date of birth is the 12th. March 1949. He was born in the state of America, in Chicago, Illinois. He was 70 years old at the time of his death.

Ethnicity and religion

Charles Levin’s ethnicity was white America. He also had American citizenship. He belonged to the religion of Christianity.


After appearing on several TV series and reality shows, Charles had a charming personality. He was six feet tall. The color of his eyes was brown. Her hair was the color of the salt paper.

An interesting element of Charles Levine’s personality was his glamorous smile, which was the reason his fans were attracted to him.

Value sources

His revenue sources also include acting in two of television’s most popular series, Alice and Hill Street Blues, hosting several reality shows, and working with Hollywood Industries.

Parents and family

Information continues to leak from Charles Levin’s private sources.

Employment and career

  • Charles Levine began his career by playing the role of Eliot Novak in the dramatic series Alice, which was the beginning of the rise of the star on the career ladder.
  • He became famous in 1982 for his role as Eddie Gregg in the television series Hill Street Blues. He completed his role in 1986.
  • He also became popular because of his role as mohel in the series Bris in several episodes.
  • He has also made a name for himself as a television presenter on the reality shows Facts of Murphy Brown’s Life and Night Court.
  • What’s interesting about Charles Levine is that he started out in comedy shows, as a comedian on Night Court and the Seinfeld show.

Marital life, wife and children

  • Charles Levin’s wife’s name was Catherine Dehetr. They had three children named Kate Levine, Jesse Levine and Ben Levine.
  • The couple led a happy life until 2007. That year Charles lost his wife in an accident in Los Angeles. Sex with Charles was natural.


He lived in Grant Pass, Oregon, and the United States of America before his death.

Charles Levine’s net death?

  • Charles Levin’s network is still under investigation. But we’re gonna report him. In 2018 its net value was estimated at $100,000 to $100,000.
  • Charles Levin’s net worth is estimated at approximately $1 million in 2019.




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