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Lizzie Wurst is an American star of Instagram, YouTuber and a social media personality. It uses its media platforms to make a living and promote its beliefs. Many young people admire their lives and want to succeed as much as they do. His road to success is marked by hard work and dedication to his career.


Figure:, @liwrst

Lizzie Woorst is known in internet circles where she has millions of subscribers to Instagram and YouTube. She spends most of her life online, and in this respect it is difficult to separate her social life from her personal life. Aspects such as their love life are often in the spotlight.

Profile Summary

  • Name at birth: Elizabeth-worst
  • Nationality: Americans
  • Ethnic accessories: White
  • Date of birth: 22. July 1998
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Place of birth: Jersey City, United States
  • Birth sign: Cancer
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Colour of eyes: Blue
  • Known: Instagram and YouTube star

Lizzie sausage from

The social media star was born in Jersey City, USA. She was born Elizabeth Wurst, but is known as Lizzie Wurst. She was born in America and her ethnicity is white. Elizabeth attended Delcy High School in New Jersey and was then admitted to Swarthmore College where she graduated.

There is little information about Lizzie Wurst’s family, but she has a younger brother, Jack Wurst, who has appeared on some of her social networks. His father’s name is Tom and his mother’s name is Maria. His journey as a social media star began with fun music videos and short music covers.

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Lizzie Sausage Age

The popular YouTube and Instagram star was launched on the 22nd. Born in July 1998. In 2019 she will be 21 years old. Other stars sharing Lizzie Wurst’s birthday are Sean Michaels (54), Prince George (6) and Emanuelle Samuel (9).

Body dimensions

At 21, she has an average height. Lizzie’s sausage is 1.63 m high and weighs 55 kg. The social media influencer has blue eyes and blond hair to complement his good looks. His waist is 25-35 for his waist or thighs. Her bra size is 34C.


Lizzie Sausage's Birthday

Figure:, @liwrst

Is Lizzie Wurst single or is she in a relationship? The social media star has a long-term relationship with the YouTube star and the monkey Lance Stewart. They worked together in their YouTube videos and couldn’t hide their relationship from the fans. Lance and Lizzie first met at school.

This couple’s love affair blossomed in Instagram. At first she was afraid to approach Lance, so she followed him, turned around and followed him to Instagram. Eventually they started communicating and in 2013 they formed a love affair.

The YouTube star was chased out of his house by his mother, and Lance is more than willing to accept this. The reason for his deportation has not been disclosed.

In December 2018, fans were sad to hear that Lizzie Wurst had broken up with Lance. She published the news in a blog on the YouTube Spears channel. Their demerger took place following a decision taken by mutual agreement. They went through a difficult time in their relationship before they decided to announce their resignation.

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Although Elizabeth’s YouTube and Instagram accounts are the most popular, Lizzie Wurst’s presence on Twitter cannot be ignored. On her Twitter account she has more than 346.3k followers. Announcements are also regularly posted on the platform. Lizzie Worst’s Fortnite poll is one of her famous tweets in which she asked her followers to open a Twitch account.


Here are some pictures of Lizzie Wurst IG ;

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms are places where many people go to have fun and spend time. Others use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, while others see these platforms as places to pursue their business interests. Some people, like Lizzie Wurst, have managed to combine all this on their social media platforms.

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