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Coyote Peterson is an American on YouTube and an animal trainer. He is best known for his YouTube wildlife videos, which are published on his own Brave Wilderness channel.

There are also several episodes on YouTube, Trace of Hacking, Dragon Tail, Beyond the Tide, etc.

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What is the Peterson Coyote?

  • He’s an American on YouTube and an animal trainer.
  • Host of the series Pierce the Path, Dragon Tails and Beyond the Flood.

Coyote Peterson: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Coyote Peterson was killed first. Born in September 1981, son of Nathaniel Coyote Peterson in Newbury, Ohio, in a middle-class family. He spent most of his childhood in a rural suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, experiencing nature from an early age. His father took him fishing and sightseeing.

At the age of eight he made his first turtle catch, which he described as a fascinating moment for him. He caught a 40-pound creature that was later described as one of the most terrifying turtle species and posed the same danger as a great white shark.

Barely ten years old, Peterson’s parents watched in shock as their little boy rushed towards them with a poisonous rattlesnake from Arizona in his hand.


He went to Latin school in Notre Dame Cathedral. In high school he wanted to become a documentary filmmaker. He was very interested in writing scripts and making films. In 2004 he graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in film studies.

Did you know about this?

  • How old is Coyote Peterson? Since 2020 he is 39 years old.
  • Is the coyote Peterson having an affair? He’s married to a daughter named Papa Peterson.
  • How big is the Coyote Peterson? It’s 1.80 m long.

All about the career of the Coyote Peterson

At the age of 18, he visited almost all of the 50 states of the United States. Bear Grills and Steve Irwin inspired him to continue his passion for wildlife exploration. He approached several documentary film channels with his proposal, but they all rejected it. But instead of being disappointed, he decided to launch his own YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness, in 2014.

Coyote Peterson Signature : Coyote Peterson (source: bag filter)

He created his necklace on the 8th. September 2014, and the very first video on the channel was the Breaking Trail trailer. The video was released on the 14th. September and was a short introduction to the Breaking Trails series. Lovers of flora and fauna appreciate it.

He then started downloading videos documenting his fishing adventures. The tortoise is one of the first animals in his exhibition. His first video about turtles soon found a lot of supporters.

After this success he started downloading videos every week and sometimes even twice a week. In his third video, he captured the extremely dangerous monster Gil. It’s one of the first videos on his channel to have been watched over a million times.

Fracture joints

Peterson’s popularity started to grow with several television interviews and in 2015 the series Broken Ways won an Emmy Award. He also launched other series such as Coyote Court, Dragon Tails, Over Tide and In Place. Peterson’s most watched videos are probably the ones in which he was bitten by poisonous insects. Especially if you show that he was stung by a cow wasp. The wasp-killing cow would have the second largest painful sting in the world. Moreover, the clip has been viewed more than 38 million times.

Peterson is also the author of The Brave Adventures of Coyote Peterson: Wild animals in the wild, where he recorded his most daring adventures. In November 2018 fans got the good news when it was announced that the Brave Wildlife team was making a television show for the channel Planet of the Animals. In February 2019, a half-hour pilot episode of Coyote Peterson: The return to the wilderness is in the air.

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Coyote Peterson: Shareholders’ equity

His net value is estimated at about $7 million, but his salary and income are unknown.

Coyote Peterson Signature : Coyote Peterson (Source: Knowledge)

Coyote Peterson married? Husband, children, marriage

Coyote Peterson got married in the mid-2000s. He has a daughter named Poop Peterson. He’s in a lot of my dad’s videos on YouTube. But he didn’t say much about his wife.

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Coyote Peterson: Height, weight, colour of eyes

It’s 1.80 m long. He also has blond hair and dark brown eyes.

Coyote Peterson Signature : Coyote Peterson (Source: WyoToday)

Is Coyote Peterson active in social networks?

It has about 3.1 million followers on Facebook, about 266,000 on Instagram and about 54,000 on Twitter.

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