The Government of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) will renew the policy of post-independence socialist education under the Ghana Education Act (1960), which provides compulsory and free universal education from kindergarten to higher education.

We will improve the quality of education from the children’s perspective by improving the whole school environment, including water and sanitation facilities.

The CRPD will increase the participation of municipalities in the school administration in the context of decentralisation, according to the party in the CRPD manifesto Elections 2020: Rebuilding Ghana by restoring confidence in the government.
CAT stated that it tries to redress the imbalances in the quality of education between rich urban areas and poor rural areas.

Our education policy will also aim to provide our citizens with multiple opportunities for their education after secondary school.

According to the PCO Manifesto, the emphasis is on extensive training and apprenticeship programmes throughout the country as a link to the craft and manufacturing industries.
In addition, the BCP will enclose at least 3% of GDP with fences surrounding research and development in the country.

In cooperation with the Ghanaian Education Service and education professionals, we will carry out a comprehensive review of the curriculum in order to familiarise our children with our culture and traditions, with the aim of realizing the vision of the African person on socio-economic development.

The CPP will also extend the trust fund for student loans to professional students. The curriculum will encourage our students to learn about the culture, heritage, history and values of Ghana through the study of the country.

According to CAT, civic education is considered essential to replace religious and moral education and to instil in children a sense of patriotism and love.

The number of subjects taught in primary school should be reduced to four – science, mathematics and English – and one optional or alternative subject, depending on the skills or wishes of the child.

The educational policy of the PCO defines options such as computer science (IT), art (music, dance and choreography, drawing, technical and professional skills), applied sciences or complementary mathematics at lower secondary level.

CAT noted that the district or community curriculum also plays an important role in enabling children to acquire the practical and craft skills necessary for national development.

Children can make use of the possibilities offered by the neighbourhood. These options are based on popular activities in the community or district; schools in the agricultural zones can provide primary agricultural education as an option.

Weaving, handicrafts, computers, sports, culture are some of the options that can be considered a free choice. The local language of the district must be taught up to shs level.

These optional courses should not be BECE exams, they should help children’s development to acquire new knowledge, the CPT stressed.

The CPP government is in the process of transforming all nursing schools into boarding schools in order to ensure the social cohesion and tolerance of young people in their formative years for peaceful and harmonious national development.

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