Sheets is known as one of the original cast members of the reality show War on Possession.

He is known as a gambler because of his strong personality and gruff attitude in business.

Darrell Sheets Bio: Age, early life

The leaves came out on the 13th. May 1958 born in San Diego, California. From an early age, he was fascinated with collecting treasures and made it a passion.

He managed to collect several old objects, including a drawing by Pablo Picasso and a letter from Abraham Lincoln.

Darrell’s detailed career information

Darell has been a warehouse hunter for over 30 years. He began buying storage lockers and selling the items in them through a weekly swap meet and an online store. The business grew over time, and he became more involved in treasure hunting.

Sheets took great risks and became rich in this trade, but he also had the frightening experience of finding a plastic-bagged corpse in one of the storage lockers he had bought, which became a matter for the police.

They discovered that the previous owner of the container had killed his wife and held her in a warehouse.

The show Storage Wars began in 2010, and Darell was one of the first to participate from the beginning.

Darrell involved his son Brandon Sheets in the camp activity and even appeared on the show while working alongside his father.

The duo made a big profit when they found several pieces of Frank Gutierrez art worth $300,000, while the cabinet was only worth $3,600.

Darrell appeared as an actor in the show from season 1 to season 9, but made few other appearances in the other programs.

His son did not appear in season 10 due to budget cuts. In addition to his son, Darrell appeared on the show with Dan Dotson, Brandi Passante, Dave Hester and Laura Dotson. Darrell is known for his slogan: It’s the wow factor!

ShawCamp Wars

At the fair, they were looking for buyers of storage units that had not been paid for at least three months. Some states allow the resale of abandoned items, so many people can take advantage of these auctions.
Once the box is opened, the professional buyer has five minutes to walk around the box without entering it, and then bet on what he thinks he will find. Darrell left the show in 2017 after falling ill.

Darrell Sheets weight loss

In 2016, Sheets decided to lose weight because he weighed over 300 pounds. He tried different methods, but despite hard work and practice it was all to no avail. By losing weight with Nutrisystem, he was able to lose a significant amount of weight.

He said: My joints ache. I’m tired of practicing to no avail. I also had to get away from the cheeseburgers and the bad decisions on set.

He also said that Nutrisystem is the easy way out. He went from 315 pounds to 197 pounds and shared his joy on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Darrell was sick for three months and then suffered two heart attacks. He was admitted to the hospital and informed his followers on Instagram.

He said he was later told he had congestive heart failure and a serious lung problem. He underwent major surgery in March 2019 and documented his journey on Instagram. He urged his followers to take care of their bodies, saying he would pay the price. He said he would take better care of himself because it changed his life and was very emotional.

The Sheets are currently healthy and living with it. Havasu City, Ariz, near the California border.

Darrell Sheets height and weight

Darrell is 5’7″ and weighs 82 pounds.

Darrell Sheets’ net worth

Fame and risk-taking have earned Darrell Sheets a net worth of about $6 million in December 2020.

Darrell Sheets dating history, marriage and divorce details

Sheets is divorced from his first wife, who has a son, Brandon. Darrell has a history with Orange County real estate agent Kimber Wurfel.

They got engaged in 2011 after they met while driving on the highway. The leaves pinned his phone number to the window after following his car for a few miles. In 2012, they got engaged.

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