Do you need a Basketball Court Template? 14 White Printable Court Diagrams

Basketball positions

Basketball positions

The basketball team consists of 5 different basketball positions.

The following basketball tips for juniors outline the main offensive and defensive roles of each player.

The positions of the vanguard and the firearm are described in more detail on another page. Click on their links for more information.

#Player #1 – Game leader (PG)

#N° 2 players – SG, offside, winger.

#Player #3 – Little Striker (SF, Wing)

Player #4 – Power Forward (PF, Post)

#No. 5 Player – Center (C, Post)

Find the positions of each player on the diagram of the basketball court on the right. Don’t forget, these are only communal areas.

Every offensive game can look a little different, and every movement of the players on the field revolves around the field.

In general, however, players 1 to 3 mainly play around the boundary of the field, while players 4 and 5 roam the field.

A player’s strengths and weaknesses, physical size and offensive pattern are just some of the factors that affect where a particular player can actually play.

Basketball positions

in attack:

Usually the sportiest player on the team; fast and able to jump!

Shots fired from the outside.

A good ball handler.

Creates possibilities to count points from the hard drive

Good cop, ready to break the boards after every shot.

A good passer who is able to play the ball to the post.

Moves efficiently without opening the bale and cuts

Possibility to use screens

is in excellent physical condition and allows you to take a quick break and run on the track every time.

Very experienced, strong and versatile player. Shoot from the outside as well as from the court against bigger and more physical players.

And finally, each team has an extra field, filled with players from all basketball positions.

You will be amazed at the important role played by the people on the sidelines.



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