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Stephanie Su is one of the brightest stars in social media . In a very short time it has become very popular on YouTube and other social networking sites. Macy Kate and Promise Phan are among the most well-known influential social sites.

However, his unique English tone and choice are as familiar as his fiancée’s face. Let’s look at her personal life and her relationship with her fiancé.

What is the name of Stephanie Su’s alliance?

One of the biggest topics on social networking sites is the Su groom. She almost regularly uploads photos and videos with her and her fiancé to her Instagram account.

The only difference, however, is that every photo and video of your fiancée is covered with certain smileys and other objects. She spoils her fans with the man’s personality.

Stephanie Su and her fiancé, Rui Qian Source: daily phone call.

Figure: Stephanie Su and her fiancé, Rui Qian
Source: Daily call

It has been confirmed that the hidden face of her fiancé is Rui Qian. Since 2015he works as a watch advisor and sales manager for Harry Winston.

Stephanie Su plans to marry her alliance, Rui Qian.

Despite such a wonderful and exciting career, Su takes marriage to her ex-boyfriend very seriously. Rui and Su met in high school. Then they started dating and their intimacy grew stronger and stronger.

Instagram @missmangobutt

Figure: Stephanie Su and her fiancé are having fun
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

Rui even helped her create every blog and video. He’s even the operator and editor of every download. The duo seems to support each other, both professionally and personally. Of course, they will exchange their marriage vows within a very short time after the couple is engaged to a man.

Passionate traveler and connoisseur

In addition to her incredible career, the future Mrs. Qian is a lover of travel and food. Like most girls around the world who upload photos and videos of their experiences, she does. She has visited most famous places in Europe and was recently seen at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Instagram @missmangobutt

Figure: Stephanie Su during a visit to Paris
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

Plus, Miss Mango’s YouTube channel is full of food in the ass. Usually she watches the food and tests it with a very amazing accessory, and you know what? People find that very interesting.

Miss Mango pregnant?

1 August 2019, Soo has uploaded a photo to her official Instagram account. The image was so viral that all the fans thought she was pregnant.

Instagram @missmangobutt

Figure: Stephanie Su poses for photo
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

She poses on a picture where she looks pregnant, she was dressed in a blue piece and firmly with her belly up. But later it turned out to be just a good joke for the fans.

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