Elizabeth Puranam Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Elizabeth Puranam’s date of birth: Age unknown: Place of birth unknown: Hyderabad, IndiaHeight: Unknown name
Real name : Elizabeth Puranam
Father: Mother unknown: Religion unknown: ChristianityNationality : New Zealand Civil Registry: Spouse’s name: Ethnicity unknown: Unknown
Net cost : Unknown weight: Eye colour unknown
: Hair color unknown: Unknown character. Unknown children: An unknown profession: New Zealand Journalist and News Anchor

Details of the career of Elizabeth Puranam

Elizabeth Puranam is an Indian journalist who has gathered a large audience around her.

After graduating, she worked in the subtitling department of TVNZ, a state-owned television station in New Zealand. While working at TVNZ, she received an offer from TV3 and soon became a news presenter at that station. She wanted to work at AL Jazeera Qatari TV. Al Jazeera is one of the three largest news organizations in the world. Elizabeth was studying Arabic, so she wrote an essay about the canal. She contacted the station to express her interest in working with them. Eventually, Al Jazeera invited Elizabeth for a screen test and offered her a job as a presenter. She joined Al Jazeera in 2012 as a senior journalist, where she has worked since the age of eight.

During this period, many topics were covered, including the Gaza wars in 2012 and 2014, the Paris terror attacks, and the Rabaa al-Adwiya massacre in Egypt. She also reported on Kashmir, a disputed territory between Pakistan and India. They both claim the area. In recent years, the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir have demanded independence and some have started an armed struggle. On the other hand, India claimed that these armed groups were supported by Pakistan. The Indian Army has been repeatedly accused by human rights groups of violating human rights in Kashmir. In 2016, AL Jazeera decided to cover Kashmir. But Al Jazeera visas have been denied. Indian-born journalist Elizabeth made a journey to cover Kashmir. The people of Kashmir were delighted to express their feelings through the international media. But the Hindu nation was outraged by this act. They pursued Elizabeth and threatened to rape her if she returned to India. She currently works for Al Jazeera as a journalist and presenter.

Elizabeth Puranam Organic: Age, beginning of life, parents

She was born at the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, India. Elizabeth moved with her family to Oakland when she was 10 years old. They settled first in Avondale, then in Glen Eden, and finally in Avondale. He got involved in journalism at an early age, dreaming of his childhood and building a career. She has a degree in political science and communications from the University of Auckland.

Elizabeth Puranam: Marital history and data

Elizabeth is married, but we still don’t know who they married or how many children they have.

Body measurements of Elizabeth Puranam

She has good length and good dimensions. His height and other things like hair and eye color are not known.

Elizabeth Puranam’s presence in social media

Like she kept her other business a secret, her Instagram account is accessible but private. But his Twitter account can be traced.

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