Maureen E. McPhilmy is the U.S. Executive Director of Public Affairs and former wife of U.S. television anchor, Bill O’Reilly. She drew attention to herself after filing a complaint against her husband for physical and sexual abuse.

McPhilmy was killed on3. May 1966,, bornin Chittenango,New York, USAShe is a US citizen and is a white national/race.

Blessed family life

Maureen secretly married NYPD Detective Jeffrey Gross in a private ceremony with friends and family. In fact, they were both married to their former partners before making the pact for life.

Gross was married to Kathleen McBride, who died of cervical cancer. Gross also has two teenage children from a previous marriage.

At the moment the couple lives happily with their children in Manhasset, New York.

Last marriage to Bill O’Reilly

McFilmy was formerly married to Bill O’Reilly. She met Bill in1992in New York, where he worked as a presenter in the television programA Current Affair.

They go back four years and eventually tie a knot in1996Luxury inSt. Brigid ParishBuried inWest. The couple were lucky to have a daughterMadelinein1998and a sonSpencerin2003.

The marriage soon broke up when McFilmy filed a violent lawsuit against Bill. They were killed first. September 2011 officially separated in.

Bill abused her physically and sexually. He even dragged her down by the neck. The attack took place at her home in New York. Maureen even claimed that Bill was having an affair with a lot of women.

According to Maureen, Bill wasn’t a good husband or a good father. This became true when her daughter publicly accepted her father’s behavior.

Maureen E. McFilmy Net Worth

McPhilmy’s net worth is$10 million. As a government contractor, she could earn between $,000 and $80,000 to $90,000a year.

Maureen also received a number of support payments from her ex-husband. Billy then sued his wife for $10 million a year and accused her of treason while they were still married, but the trial hasn’t been sealed yet.

Maureen’s Story

Father McFilmy worked at the local market and his mother was a gardener. At the age of six, his parents divorced. She went to a local school, where she finally graduated.

Maureen also worked at a young age as a waitress in a restaurant. In1992,, she left her job and started working in public relations, where she was responsible and in charge of communication and strategy between the organization and the public. That’s where she met her future husband Bill.

Maureen’s management skills have enabled her to build an impressive long-term asset base.



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