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How much is Fredo Santana worth?

Net Power 4.75 million.
Name and surname “Derrick Coleman.
Date of birth July 4, 1990.
birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States.
Parents Latrice Hudson (mother)
Brothers and Sisters N/A
Spouse N/A
Profession Rapper
Height 177 cm
Weight Sixty-two kilos.

Most people want to know the famous rapper Fredo Santana. There is a lot of talk about his career and his net worth. In this article, we will tell you some amazing facts about his career and his net worth. Fredo Santana’s net worth is due to his excellent rapping skills.

There is a lot of talk about “Lil Reese,” who is a good friend of Fredo. His name is mentioned most often in Fredo Santana’s songs. He has been supported by Lil through most difficult times and Fredo appreciates Lil Reese’s efforts.

Due to excessive use of Lean, he had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. “Lean” is a drink that consists of cough syrup, Sprite and fun candies. It is very tasty and full of sugar, which is why it is very popular with artists. Fredo has a relationship with a beautiful model.

His nickname on Instagram is Mudzilla. There is no doubt that she is a role model, but she is also interested in music. In her spare time, she sings songs.

Early childhood and biography

Fredo Santana’s real name is “Derrick Coleman.” He was born on July 4, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. It is said that he caused his parents problems as a child. Fredo was interested in several professions, but he could not excel in any of them.

After trying different careers, he ended up with rap. He is a great rapper of his time. When he kicked in the door of the bus on Halloween, he was arrested by the police and taken into custody. There was a gang in his hometown of Chicago and he was part of it.

There was also work – extortion and car theft. It is said that he had to struggle with many dark thoughts as a child during his spiritual development.

Professional development and success

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In 2013, he released his first album, Trappin Ain’t Dead. His cousin is Chief Keef, and thanks to him, he got into the rap game. Chief Keef is one of the most famous rappers today. Fredo was hired as CEO of his cousin’s label, Glory Boys Entertainment. After becoming CEO, his popularity among his fans began to grow.

Several guests including Kendrick Lamar, Chief Keef, PeeWee and others were present for the release of the album. After the release of this album, he tried to launch his career and became very famous.

He currently has his own label, Savage Squad Records. He undoubtedly makes a lot of money from various advertising and sponsorship deals.

Quotes from

“They lived in such a deep feeling for each other, whether it was love or hate, that it surrounded them like time.” – Anita Amirrezvani

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We don’t know what all this means, but we do know that God loves His children! And because He loves us, He will never leave us”. – John Byway.

How much is Fredo Santana worth?

If he signs sponsorship agreements and supports Dels, he can make a lot of money. All these agreements have significantly increased Fredo Santana’s net worth to about $4.75 million in 2021.

Kendrick Lamar participated in his single “Jealous” and that helped him to continue. After this single, his popularity began to grow.

Some surprising facts about Fredo Santana

The first push into the industry came from his cousin, Chief Keefe. They both worked on a few songs. Keefe always supported Fredo when he had problems. Keef once got into a fight with the producers because they wouldn’t accept Fredo.

Fredo is very grateful for Keef’s efforts in his career. There is the Drake video for the single “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” in which he appears and plays the role of the kidnapper of Drake’s girlfriend.

Fredo likes to sponsor the most sales on his Instagram page, and also promotes the various major pages he likes.

In most cases, Fredo shares a screenshot of his favorite music with a caption that includes his favorite phrases from the song. Fredo smokes marijuana and various herbs. He shares most of his entertainment on Instagram.

Similarly, Garth Brooks and Ty Tribbett make a lot of money from their singing careers. Also, if you are a fan of singers or rappers, you should read about them.

Frequently asked questions

Fredo Santana, 27.

Fredo Santana has a child named Legend Derrick Coleman.

Fredo Santana is known as a successful rapper.

He is now 27 years old. Fredo Santana was born on July 4, 1990.

Fredo Santana had an affair with his girlfriend Madeline “Madzilla” Lance.

Audrey is married to Fredo Santana.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Chief Keefe worth?

Chief Keef’s Net Worth: Chief Keef is an American rapper with a net worth of $1 million.

How much is Lil Reese worth?

Lil Reese’s Net Worth: Lil Reese is an American rap artist with a net worth of $1 million.

How did Fredo Santana die?

Santana died of a crisis on January 19, 2018.

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