Girlfriend of Tiger Woods Erica Herman Goes Viral

Download a free basketball court template that you can print. Choose between full and half ship plans and combinations.

As a coach, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed an empty chair.

  • They are excellent for making plays and practicing training plans and scouting reports.
  • They make great shooting diagrams while playing. Attach the number of the arrow to the end of the shot and wrap it around when the basket is made. You can quickly and easily see how your team is taking shots and what percentage of shots are being taken.
  • They are ideal for workouts or if I find a new game or exercise that I want to record quickly before I forget. I have tried to leave a space around the diagrams for additional notes or remarks if possible.

Girlfriend of Tiger Woods Erica Herman Goes Viral

Since your needs will be different, I have included different sizes and layouts of court charts.

Full audience tables are ideal for quick breaks, full presses or other transitions.

The half platform models are useful for designing attacker and defensive curves, ball movements, screens, etc.

Small grids are ideal for dividing complex games into separate phases. Each picture can show the step-by-step rotation of the players as they move the ball across the field. When a player passes or dribbles the ball into a new area on the ground, the position and rotation of each player can be fixed.

In my experience, it is useful for players who have mastered a new attack to follow their movements one by one throughout the attack.

In the same way, if the focus is on defense, player turns can be built frame by frame for any scenario presented by an enemy attack.

Feel free to download a basketball court model that suits your needs.

Pay attention: The layout of the basketball court and the location of these schemes were designed for the high school playgrounds. However, I have provided links to free printed court maps for the NCAA and NBA courts.

High school basketball court Model

NCAA and NBA Basketball court Model

Looking for the size of the basketball court?

Click on the links below to find diagrams comparing the size of the playing field for all game levels:

Young people, secondary school pupils and apprentices


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