Shooting at basketball

Basketball games are a great way to teach young players how to play the ball under pressure. It’s one thing to demonstrate a classic technique when it’s just you and the band. Another thing is to add an element of competition in a dynamic situation.

Shooting at basketball

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to shoot better at basketball is to play basketball games that force players to shoot under pressure. The regularity of the shooter during the warm-up does not matter. It depends on how they behave in the middle of a fight.

The complex basketball practices below ensure that the opponent – real or imaginary – tries to win.

These games are ideal for one or two people, but if you have a team of players, look for a youth basketball training that includes fun competitive training for all basic skills.

Tyre shooting list

  1. Set of 32 points
  2. Sequential research
  3. 2-2-2 Set
  4. Percentage shooting
  5. Make some noise!
  6. Strike Pro
  7. Outdoor shots/nozzles
  8. 7 + 3 inseries
  9. Win on line.
  10. 33
  11. Ordinary net
  12. 21
  13. 25 in series

Basketball game with shot #1
Game with 32 points #

The player shoots from 5 points around the key: straight line, right wing, top of the key, left wing, left line.

  1. Take a 3-point photo of each of the 5 locations. Every 3 points obtained is worth 3 points (15 points in total). If a player cannot shoot with 3 points, move the shooting positions closer to the basket.
  2. Take a dribble from any place to jump. Each jump made costs 2 points (10 points in total).
  3. Start with each section and work your way down the paving. Each plaster application is worth 1 point (only 5 points).

The maximum possible score for a 100% shot is 30 points.

Finish the game with a free throw 1&1. Take the first free throw. When the basket is made, take the second one (only 2 points).

The best score a player can get by being brought into the game on each basketball shot and free throw is 32 points.


Basketball shooting games #2
Sequential Shooting

Pick a spot on the field and see how many basketball shots you can take in a row without missing a shot. Always keep an eye on your best results and try to outperform them next time.

Go to a new place and start over.

Variations :

  • Add Time Pressure. See how many consecutive shots you can take in a given period of time.
  • Call a friend. Let’s see who can take the most pictures in a row.
  • Working with a friend. Each player shoots 2 shots at a time to see how many shots he can make together in a row. If anyone misses, start again and try again.

Basketball games with shot number 3
2-2-2 Game

Take 2 shots at 9 feet (lower part of the circle), then 2 shots at 12 feet, then 2 shots from the free throw line (15 feet). The goal is to get all six in a row.

Variations :

  • Change the number of images in each location. Try 6-4-2 or 8-4-2 instead of 2-2-2.
  • Change of launch points. Start with the baseline and work towards the sideline on both sides. Or start with the kite and practice on both sides to the sideline.
  • Set the distance of each shot to. If necessary, move closer to the basket and back in two-foot steps until you feel a little better.

Basketball shooting games #4
Percentage of shootings

The percentage of shots is an important statistical indicator to check the accuracy of your players’ shots. This basketball shooting guide helps players determine their shot percentage based on the different numbers of shots they have taken.

Start with five shots and see how many you can take. Determine the percentage of shots fired by dividing the number of shots fired by the total number of shots fired.

Then try to take 10, 20, 50 or 100 moves and follow the number of moves and the percentage of moves.

Variations :

  • Add Time Pressure. Look at the percentage of photos you can take in a given time. Start at 1 p.m. and remember how many photos you take. Maybe you need a friend to help you keep up.
  • Recordings at various locations on floor. This gives you a good idea of your shooting range and the best locations.

Basketball shooting games #4
Making sound

Choose one of the basketball games and add vocal and/or visual distractions to help players concentrate.

  • Play loud music or ask a friend to make a sound and shout as you shoot.
  • Place obstacles around the course that you must avoid during the game.
  • Ask your girlfriend to wave her hands or other objects to distract you.
  • Ask your friend to blame you like he’s trying to block your shot.
  • Have a friend encourage you to take some pictures while you’re hidden.

Basketball games with shot #7
Shots and perimeter tips #

In this game there are two players. Player 1 stays outside and shoots around the basket, while player 2 stays close to the basket to get (or put back) rebounds and pipes.

Player 1 selects a random spot on the playing field and makes 7 moves. Each shot is worth 1 point.

If player 1 misses, the second shot (player 2) tries to play the missed shot again. For young players, the bouncer of the ball can bounce, go down and get a chance to get the ball into play.

If player shoots 2, it costs 2 points. After 7 moves the players change positions. The first player under 21 is the winner.

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Arcade Basketball games with Shooting

When you’re ready to take a break and want to relax with your friends, try your hand at archery!


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