Are you a fan of a custom car? So Ian Roussel is an excellent example for who wants to become a car manufacturer. It is an American manufacturer of special vehicles, which adapts cars to the needs of its customers.

The mechanical engineer has been married for a long time. And that’s not all, he’s also the father of two children. Ian likes to spend time with his family and often shows their pictures on his Instagram. Let’s take a look at his personal life.

Spouse of Jan Roussel

The car manufacturer Roussel, which measures 6 feet and 2 inches, has gradually made a name for itself through its show.  In addition, some attention was paid to his relationship or personal life. Currently Jan is married to his wife .

Figure: Jan Roussel (left) with his wife, Mme Roussel (right).
Source: Instagram @Nurse30Love

Russell’s wife is also passionately interested in non-standard cars and structures, but details are still missing. Ian and his wife gave no details about their first meeting and their first marriage. Looks like they’ve been married a long time.

Your goals in a relationship should be healthy and lasting, just like a married couple who share the same interests and passions. Nevertheless, the couple leads a happy life without signs of conflict.

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Photo: Jan Roussel with his wife and two dogs.
Source: Instagram @full_custom_ian

Jan Roussel is also an animal lover, and he even has two bitches and two cats. The duo is also a parent of two children. They have a son and a daughter, with whom they often post photos on social networks.

Rumours and disputes

So far, the car manufacturer has not been embroiled in undesirable scandals and disputes that could hamper his career. He has succeeded in striking a balance between professionalism and the prevention of rumours and lawsuits.

At the same time Jan shows no interest in becoming popular by dealing with these undesirable things.

Net value of the car manufacturer

Jan Roussel is an American manufacturer of custom cars that has collected the right amount of net assets for itself. Thanks to the quality of his work, he is very much in demand outside of ordinary cars today. The actual amount of Rousel’s wealth is unknown, but some sources estimate it at about 3 million from 2020.

Is there a girl friend of Dave Chappelle ‘s son Ibrahim Chappelle? Know your relationship status and your personal life

Figure: Jan Roussel built a car with the indication
Source: Instagram @full_custom_ian

Also, due to the popularity of this place, Russell created his own reality TV series called Full Custom Garage . It can therefore be assumed that his income and earnings are certainly in the range of $ .700,000 to $ .900,000. His reward in relation to the reality of the series is inextricably linked to that of other artists such as Monica Beet and Cherie Zampino.

Well, the Complete Custom Garage is an exciting series in which car manufacturer Yang is working to produce unique cars. In 2015 the Econoline building was put up for sale through the television show Full Custom Garage.

First days and ages

Ian Roussel was born on the 19th. Born in November 1970 in Sanland, California, USA According to his biography he will be 49 years old in 2020. By the way, Russell still doesn’t know anything about his debut. At the same time, the identity of his parents and siblings was restricted.

According to his citizenship, Roussel is American and Caucasian. As for his education, he gave the media no idea of his school career.

Career input

But his passion for cars started when Ian was young. After years of work, he built his garage to order. Today, the unique combination of custom vehicle modifications makes the company one of the leading U.S. automobile manufacturers.

Is there a girl friend of Dave Chappelle ‘s son Ibrahim Chappelle? Know your relationship status and your personal life

Photo: Jan Roussel in the TV-series Complete customs garage.
Source: Facebook

Then the steering wheel has its own TV series called Full custom garage , which is broadcast on MAVTV with Dominique Sylvester.

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