Isobel Yeung was born on November 2, 1986 in Salisbury, England. Her astrological sign is Scorpio. She combines two strong character traits – China and England, her mother, Margaret Yeung, is English and her father is Chinese, he came from Hong Kong.

Details of Isobel Yeung’s life and upbringing

Isobel spent her childhood and adolescence with her brother in Salisbury. She was the middle child and had an older brother and a younger sister. She was a bright student throughout her educational journey and studied until the University of Nottingham in 2009, after which she went on to work as a journalist.

Details of Isobel Yeung’s career

Isobel had no clear idea about her career path and did not think about what would happen next. After college, she went to China to learn Chinese. There she began to explore opportunities and worked for various magazines and media outlets. Gradually, as her career progressed, her reputation grew, leading her to collaborate on English-language magazines published in China at the time. Talented and multitasking, she worked on the television show “Tycoon Talk.” It seems that the only job she ever wanted was at VICE HBO. After quite a success in her career, she tried sharing some of her stories with VICE HBO where she was recognized and hired as a producer. She then moved to the United States and settled in New York City.

She was a dominant on-air producer and correspondent and produced numerous programs for her flagship network on HBO. She specialized in content and interviews. She has become known for her coverage of issues such as gender discrimination and sexual consent in the United States and abroad.

Since 2014, she has worked as a correspondent for feature length documentaries in the UK. Her stories have covered a variety of topics of great interest to audiences, including global conflict, terrorism, mass incarceration and genocide, not only that, she has also reported on issues affecting developing countries. She won two Emmy Awards in 2019 for her coverage of the civil war in Yemen. In 2017, she won a Gracie Award for her work on the rights of Afghan women for VICE on HBO. She was also included in Marie Claire’s list of America’s 50 Most Powerful Women in 2016.

Isobel Yong Neto Cost and salary data

Isobel has a net worth of about $500,000. Her main source of income is her professional career. She is expected to earn between $40,018 and $113,777 per year from her job alone.

His continued growth and dedication to his work have also contributed to his financial success. As an influential personality, she kept her image clean enough not to get involved in rumors, scandals or controversies. She was unbiased and forthright in her professional and personal life.

Isobel Yeung’s readings

Isobel, a boldly beautiful living specimen with a witty brain, is superb at 6 feet tall and 56 pounds. She has dark brown eyes, bright red hair and an hourglass silhouette. She seems to love outfits and her appearance matches her pose and trendy outfits.

Isobel Young’s dating history and marriage details.

While pursuing an adventurous profession and spending her time in different places and among different people, she drowned in the buildup of her career and achieved a remarkable feat in which she was never found in a relationship, although it is clear that she must have a strong connection with the journalist Benjamin Zand, whom they met on one of Isobel’s trips to the Middle East. Benjamin Zand is a journalist of British-Iranian descent.


Isobel is not only a well-known journalist, but also a good writer who can write down every part of her stories and try to get them into the community. In many of her operations, she risked her life, which shows that she was brave and strong enough to give everything to make her work exceptional. Isobel, that name says it all when it comes to balancing career and family, and she is an inspiration to women around the world. Her love for her craft has taken her to heights where no one has surpassed her.

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