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J. B. Pritzker is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician who is 43rd as of 2019. is the Governor of Illinois. He is a private entrepreneur in Chicago, managing partner and co-founder of the Pritzker Group and a member of the Pritzker family, owner of the Hyatt hotel chain.

What is JB Pritzker’s reputation?

  • American businessman, philanthropist and politician.
  • The 43rd. Governor of Illinois

J. B. Pritzker: Age, biology, parents, family, ethnicity

JB Pritzker was born on the 19th. January 1965 in California, USA, at the age of years, born J Robert Pritzker. Jay will be 56 years old in 2021. His family is one of the most affluent in the United States, his grandfather founding the Marmon and Hyatt chain.  He has two older siblings, Anthony Pritzker and Penny Pritzker.


He attended boarding school at Milton Academy in Massachusetts and then earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Duke University. Pritzker received his Juris Doctor from Northwestern University.

Did you know that?

  • How old is J.B. Pritzker? He is 56 years old and will start in 2021.
  • Is J.B. Pritzker married? He’s married to Mary Catherine M.C.
  • How much is J.B. Pritzker worth? Net worth in 2021 is estimated at $3.5 billion.

All about the career of JB Pritzker.

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Signed : J. B. Pritzker (Source: Chicago Tribune)

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J. Б. Pritzker signed legislation on April 25, 2009 to give the state more control over gun dealers in Illinois. He sided with gun violence advocates at Westside Elementary School and said he would lobby for more gun control measures.

He also founded his own venture capital firm New World in 1995, which invests in information technology and software companies. To date, it has funded nearly 50 companies. He is an active philanthropist and has donated primarily to educational programs and funds.

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Equity and payroll

By 2021, it is estimated that by 2021, it will have earned a net worth of $ of $3.5 billion from various trades.

Is JB Pritzker married? Spouse, children, marriage

He married Mary Catherine M.C. (Munster, South Dakota). The couple met in Washington, D.C., in 1993 while working as an aide to Tom Daschle (U.S. Senator from South Dakota). He had three children: Tal Hawa Pritzker (daughter), Andrew and William, who are two sons. They live in the Gold Coast area of Chicago with their two children.

Signed : J. B. Pritzker (Source: CBS Chicago)

His first wife was Audrey Gilbert (divorced in 1979). Later, in 1981, he remarried Albert B. Ratner, who is co-chairman of Cleveland-based real estate development company Forest City Enterprises.

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Height, weight, colour of eyes

He is 1.80 m tall and weighs 80 kg. He has dark brown eyes and brown hair.

Signed : J. B. Pritzker (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

JB Pritzker is active on the social media?

It has 54,000 followers on Instagram, about 103,000 on Twitter and about 144,000 on Facebook.

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