People who love healthy food are always better off with a suspicious health and condition, because there is no sincere love than love for food. So 14– Matt Stony, formerly the record holder in thecompetition, decided to do his job as a meal after waking up one day in the San Jose area of California.

As a first-class gourmet in 3B9, Stony’s incredible passion for food has won the hearts of millions of people, faster than the average person can eat it once a day. So what happens in his personal life, meet someone or stay alone in2020? Let’s look at the life of the food champ.

The current flame in Stoney’s Life

When it comes to the privacy of a food eater27, Stony is relatively uninterested in finding out his business in the media. Against all expectations, he does not hesitate to show his strong personality.

Matt Stoney wears a championship belt for mountaineers after eating 48 donuts in 8 minutes
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

Stoney’s current flame in his life is a mystery to millions of fans who are curious about who he will meet in2020or in the future, or who will be his girlfriend? However, he assured that Stoney wasn’t ready to start his love affair when he concentrated on his upcoming championships and became a no world.

Do you know Matt’s infinite love of food?

Many people eat their daily food to survive, and some prefer food to live. And extraordinary people like Stoney, who think their true love is that it’s all in his life, his goals and his sport.

Instagram @matt_stonie

Photo: Matt Stoney won the undefeated champion, Joey Chestnut
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

And what else? Thetiming master, 14th in, recently won the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest after beating Team No. in the world. 1Essen Competition,Joey Chestnut. In an interview he said that I wanted to observe the competition even more than I did.

Maintaining a passionate link to nutritional goals in historiography

As he approaches the life of a passionate eater, Matt continues to work hard and dedicate himself to food, while he remains committed to achieving his personal goals. He has set a world record five times and has broken the record for the consumption of holiday cakes:5.5for9minutes in2013,32.5Indian Tacos for8minutes in2014.

Stoney also has a world record for eating182slices of bacon for5minutes in2015,113pancakes for8minutes in2016, and225slices of bacon for5minutes in2017. In addition, it collects more than10.6million subscribers on its YouTube channel, which it offers to its fans of the 20. December 2019 also thank you with a thank you video on.

Instagram @matt_stonie

Photo: Matt Stoney eats his pie diamond set
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

26. January 2020Stony shared a picture of him eating his diamond game button, an ice-cold chocolate cake with a diamond heart in the middle, byInstagram. Like him, many other consumers, includingMichelle Lesco, are passionate competitors for food.

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