How much is Jake Paul worth?

Date of birth 17. January 1997.
Expert Professional YouTuber
Height Six feet.

Would you like to know more about Jake Paul No Worth, his professional life and his source of income? Jake Joseph Paul is an American Youtuber who is also known worldwide on social media. He is popularly known as Jake Paul on various social media platforms.

At the age of just 22, he became one of the top Youtubers in the United States. His brother Logan Paul is also on the list of the best paid YouTubers. Both are the most popular influencers in the world.

In 2016 Paul joined an acquaintance named Alice Violet, who is known as a professional Youtuber and social media personality. It’s a relationship that hasn’t worked for a long time. However, they were separated in February 2017.

He dates the beautiful American model Erica Costell since April 2018. That’s why they broke up in November 2018. Finally, Paul is back in April 2019 with the famous American Youtuber and public figure Tana Monjo.

As a joke the two brothers said they were already engaged and married, but legally they had no proof. Last year he divorced Mongeau in January 2020. He’s now started dating an American model named Julia Rose.

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Childhood and biography

Just like his brother, who is also known as a professional actor, rapper and boxer. He previously played as Dirk Mann in the Disney Channel series, which Bizardwark only had two seasons. In the first place, it has gained enormous popularity thanks to the now disappeared video application to which Vine refers.

Throughout his career he has been involved in many controversies because of his good nature. He has participated in high-risk stunts and helped create age-appropriate material for YouTube videos. He was also suspended from the Disney channel’s Bizardwarkprogram and accused of criminal offense and illegal assembly.

How much is Jake Paul worth in net worth or salary?

Jake Paul’s celebrity network on the Internet is estimated to be worth about $20 million. It was number seven on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid Youtubers. In the past two years, the network has doubled in size and ranks second on the list of Business Insider’s top paid YouTubers, with an estimated network value of $21.5 million.

We now believe that his net worth will steadily increase as a result of his efforts or struggles. In 2017 Paul founded a creative and professional marketing agency called Team 10. Since then, he has received $1 million from investors who have developed our company. However, he was still active in his Team 10.

How much did Jake Paul earn during his career?

The 17th. January 1997 Jake Paul was born in the official city of Cleveland. So he grew up in the quarry in Westlake, Ohio, with his older brother Logan. Logan Paul is also a professional Youtuber and social media personality.

Her father’s name is Pamela Ann Stepnick and her realtor is Gregory Allan Paul. In September 2013 he started his career by uploading Youtube content to the Vine platform.

In the meantime, this platform was closed for minor reasons. Paul now manages 5.3 million fans and has accumulated 2 billion views on the social app.

In an interview, he said he released an entertaining new cooperative video called Team 10, which earned them $1 million for influence marketing. Also build a creative agency for teen entertainment.

The list of investors includes Adam Zeplane, Danhua Capital, Weiner Capital and Horizons Alpha. The 30th. In May 2017 he released a new mixtape It’s Everyday Bro to follow Team 10, the other part put the last clip of the song online.

The first videos were seen by 70 million people in just 30 days. This makes this video title one of the top 3 most hated videos on the platform.


In 2015 he would play the lead role in the brand new Disney Channel comedy series Bizardfark. The 22nd. In July 2017, Disney Channel announced that Paul would leave the series during the second season of Bizaardvark.

It was also reported that Paul’s neighbours are one block away from Beverly Grove, where they met members of the city council and members of the main police force. They discussed the possibility of bringing a collective lawsuit against Paul.

In 2018 he won a lawsuit against Cobra Acquisition. The same goes for the company that owns the house for only $2.5 million. On the third. In January 2018 Jake posted a video on his Youtuber channel I Lost My Virginity, in which he uses a miniature of himself.

Plus, his girlfriend Erika Costell poses half-naked in front of the other one. The video has become redundant thanks to the Youtube platform. His miniature was later replaced by Paul and Costell fully dressed. Two days later, TMZ released a video of him using the nigga breed designation at different times during a freestyle rap.

Why is he so famous?

In 2018 Paul created a new website, called Edfluence, which is entirely dedicated to educating young people about how to become a successful person, what steps to take and how to get a massive income from online registration.

They briefly explain his own conception of his Twitter account, which explains why he wants to create a new programme for young people. You said on Twitter that I am tired of our education system and how it teaches children real life skills so they can secure their own future.

However, they went on to say that I create a movement for all those who want to take control of their lives and learn real skills from real professionals.

You can buy this course for only $7. This offer was available to all citizens. This course allowed the user to unlock the recorded videos to make the schedule a success as a professional.

Logan Paul and Videogameunkey start a career on the YouTube channel and earn a lot of money. Both are now world famous on Youtube.

Successful career on Youtube | Source of income

In 2014 Paul posted his first video on YouTube, titled Jake Paul Daily Vlogs. This first video was the first performance in front of an audience. It was Paul’s 20th birthday. Birthday at the time.

Jake Paul has become a successful professional figure in the world. Many people are inspired by the knowledge of their personal success. He creates a huge buzz about his network.

In 2013 Jake uploaded a video on his channel in which he presents himself as a rapper, social media and professional boxer. After that he continuously broadcasts videos on his official channel.

Jake’s Paul has 20 million subscribers and 70 billion viewers, and that number continues to grow every day. It depends on the average number of views per day.

He wants to reach 20,000 views every day and earn $6.6 million a year from advertising on YouTube. The list of major revenue sources includes Youtube, Team 10, Merch, Brand Deals.

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