Most of you may know the name Saquon Barkley, the American soccer player who plays for the New York Giants and the NFL, but few of you know his daughter,Judah Claire Barkley. The little girl now lives with her mother, , Anna Congdon,, and her father, Sakuon.

The daughter of celebrities, Claire Barkley, was born on the 24th. Born in April 2018, just two days before the New York Giants of NFL Draft finished second overall. Jada is also an American citizen and an ethnic white man.

Jada’s parents have a wonderful relationship

The father, 22 and the mother, 21 is dated February 2017 when Barkley was in Penn State. Since then lovebirds have love relationships without rumors of an extra love relationship and divorce.

Hook: Sakun Barkley and Anna Congdon
Source: Anna @annacongdon’s Instagram

Jada’s parents, Sakuon and Anna, are not married at the moment and so far it is not known whether they will be engaged or married. But hopefully they will cross the wedding altar in the near future.

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Figure: Judah Claire Barkley with her parents at MetLife Stadium
Source: Anna @annacongdon’s Instagram

Anyway, this beautiful couple has been madly in love and grateful to each other for three years. They also share beautiful photos with their bundle of joy or Judah Claire’s firstborn on their respective social media sites.

Mom – 21. Anniversary of Anna

Blonde hair and great beauty, Congdon, who recently spent the weekend 6. June 201921 years old. Your 21st. Her birthday was celebrated with friends and Barkley’s future husband.

According to, mommy greeted Judah Claire with Barkley while enjoying an evening in a nightclub with a neon light. First they loved the pool party, then they went to the club. This day was not only her birthday, but also a celebration of her newborn baby. The trio now lives in the United States.

Net assets and profit

Sakun’s daughter, Jada Claire Barkley, needs the support, care and love of her parents. She currently lives under the supervision of her parents, as do other important daughters, Angel Iris Murphy Brown and History Gray Jeter. The newborn only attracted attention because of his father’s popularity, so there is no source of income for Jada.

At such a young age, a 22-year-old NFL star began to enjoy great success and prestige in the sports world. From 2020, it has acquired net assets from $25 million to $30 million , all thanks to the success of its professional game.

Saquon recently signed a four-year contract with New York Giants for $ $31 million, including a $ $20 million signature bonus, $ $31 million guaranteed. Barkley, a newcomer to the NFL, has an annual salary of $7.7 million . In addition, its content is estimated at $10 million of NFL.

Mom, Anna’s Wealth

Her mother, Anna Congdon , who studied at Pennsylvania State University, is an Instagram role model by profession. From 2020, its actual net value is not shown anywhere, but can range from 200,000 to $300,000.

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Figure: Mom, Anna Congdon wears a dress from For Love & Lemons of Los Angeles
Source: Instagram @annacongdon

In the same way, Congdon shares sexy and glamorous photos on social networking sites that showcase his imposing body. It is also linked to the VSCOphotographic enterprise, which helps unlock the true potential of beginning photographers by providing them with the necessary tools and training.

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