Jaye Sousoures is known as the wife of the famous baseball manager Joe Maddon. He is known for his performances in the Chicago Cubs (MLB) baseball league.
Joe is also known as the CEO and founder of Epic VOxing & Fitness.

Jay was born on the 30th. Born April 1962 in the United States, son of his parents Red Sousoures and Eileen Sousoures. Jay is not the only child in her family who grew up with five other siblings. Jay’s a white American citizen.

Jay’s debut

She went to Union High School for her studies. Then she got a law degree from Western State University. In 2008 Jaya and her boyfriend Stefan Renica founded a company called Third Base Concierge.

Figure: Jay and her husband, Joe Maddon.
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The company offers the services of computer professors, legal assistants, personal procurement, order processing and event planning.  After a constant collaboration with the company, Sousoures then created a fitness centre called Epic Boxing & Fitness. She is also currently the CEO of the company.

Jay is married or single? knows her husband

Jay leads a happy family life with her old man, Joe Maddon. The eighth. In November 2008 Joe married Susura and was secretly married in a church at Queen Mary Church in Long Beach.

The stars of the TV series

Photo: Jay and her ex-husband, Joe Maddon.
Source: The stars of the TV series

The couple first met in 2007 and their relationship is still strong. Although the couple have been married for a long time, they have no children together. But why we don’t have children remains a mystery.

Player wives

Frame: Jay and Joe Maddon are captured at a sporting event.
Source: Spouses of players

Jay’s Maddon’s second wife. Maddon used to walk down the aisle with Betty. But they didn’t last long and got separated in no time.

What is Jay Susu’s salary and net salary?

Exact information about their background and source of income is not available, so details about their work and salary are not yet known. But with millions of dollars, her husband leads a life of luxury.

Your better half Joe is one of the best MLB trainers so far and earns a lot of money in his management career. The total net value of Maddon, which currently serves Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball, is estimated at $12 million.

Facts (organic, height, weight)

The Suzuras measure 1.67 meters by 5 feet and 6 inches high. At this size the ideal weight is 78 kg.

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