Jessica Skub is an American blogger and member of the YouTube channel JesssFam. She started blogging during her first pregnancy and has been writing about her daily life with her husband and seven children ever since.

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What is Jessica Scoob famous for?

  • American blogger
  • For their daily life blogs

Jessica Scoob: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Jessica Skube was born on the 7th. March 1992 in Fresno, California, USA, born at the age of 1 year. She is now 28 years old and starts in 2021. She was born to her mother, Wendy Spurgeon. In addition, her father worked long hours and was away from home most of the time, and her mother did not want her daughter to grow up in a daycare center. Wendy decided to become a housewife to take care of her daughter. And two years later, Wendy gave birth to Jessica’s brother.

When Jessica was 5 years old, her mother discovered that her husband was having an affair with another woman and she decided to leave her husband because of it. Wendy moved to Modesto, the largest city in Stanislaus County, California, and remarried. Jessica’s stepfather has been very helpful and caring.

Training details

Jessica started taking ballet classes at the age of 7 and is now in her senior year of high school.

Jessica Scoob: Professional career as director, direction

She has gathered millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel JesssFam, where she talks about her daily life with her husband and seven children. Some of his most popular videos include Natural Labor and Twin Birth and Dancing During Labor!

Signature: Jessica Skube (Source: Instagram)

She started a blog during her first pregnancy. On the eleventh. In September 2009, she founded her YouTube channel JesssFam, which mainly features material about pregnancy and motherhood. Jessica kept her followers updated on her pregnancies and blogged about her experiences with teen pregnancy, motherhood, struggling as a single mom and difficult relationships.

Jessica blogged about her non-medicated birth and vaginal birth of her twins. The blog is now Jessica’s full-time job, supporting her family. And in 2017, Jessica created another channel exclusively for her kids and called it JesssKids.

Jessica Scoob: Equity and wages

As a blogger, Jessica has accumulated a net worth of about 4100k-$1M, but her actual salary and earnings are still being looked at.

Is Jessica Scoob married? Spouse, children, marriage

When she was in seventh grade, she met a boy named Gabriel Gabe Esquilin. That same year, Gabe asked her out and they started dating. After three months of courtship, they went to a different school, but decided to make their relationship work. At the end of her freshman year, Jessica met a man named Drake Roque. Because Jessica was already in a relationship with Gabe at the time, Drake didn’t ask her out, even though he had feelings for her.

In October 2009, Jessica discovered she was pregnant and had a girl named Lily, but Gabe suggested Lily. Then Jessica brought their daughter Lily Jean into the world on the 18th in. June 2010.

After a few months, the couple broke up and she began raising Lily on her own. She suffered from anxiety and depression. When she was going through her trauma phase, she met Drake again. They started talking to each other. Jessica fell in love with Drake. They married, and a few months later, Jessica had twins. Unfortunately, her marriage to Drake didn’t last long. She still found out that Drake cheated on her when she was five months pregnant. A few months later, on 30. In March 2012, she gave birth to twins, Kyson James and Kaden John Rock.

Later, however, they got back together and started living together as well. The 3rd. March 2014 they had their third son by Drake, Landen Joseph, but are once again preparing for a divorce. They are still not in touch, but Jessica still has a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gabe.

She then met Christopher Scott Chris Skub, who had two sons from a previous marriage, Caden Joseph and Tommy Ray. Chris asked Jess to marry him on Valentine’s Day 2015, and they married on the 8th. August 2015. On Easter 2016, they announced in a YouTube video that Jess was expecting their fifth child.

Signature: Jessica Scoob and Chris Scoob (Source: Instagram)

Addelyn Jade Addy was born on the 14th. November 2016 (one day after her due date) was born at home in the water at 5:27 am and weighed 7 pounds 11.5 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. Her gender was a surprise before she was born and was announced on YouTube a few days later. Chris is raising Jess’ boys as his own. In July 2018, Jess told us that Caden and Tommy’s mom had a baby daughter. Jess and Chris have a good relationship with Gabe and his wife Amber and their son Logan.

Jessica Scoob: Length, weight, colour of eyes

Jessica has a decent size and a perfect weight for her size. Moreover, Jessica has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. However, she did not give details of its extent.

Signature: Jessica Skube (Source: Instagram)

Is Jessica Skube active on the social media?

Jessica has over 306,000 followers, with over 36,000 followers on Twitter. Jessica also has a presence on Facebook with over 276,000 followers.

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