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It is impressive to be a famous child because he has been at the centre of attention from an early age. But not all children born to famous parents have access to easy success. Some children have to go through difficult situations and today we will talk about Jody Fletcher.

Celebrity baby

Jody Fletcher is a famous celebrity daughter who has found great recognition in the family. Jody Fletcher is the second daughter of actress Cherie Zampino ( ), andTerrell Fletcher ( ), former American soccer player.

Figure: Jody Fletcher with her father, Terell Fletcher
Source: TV showstars

Jody was born around 20132014 in the United States. She appears to be between 4 and 5 years old. She is also Native American and her ethnic background is African-American.

Percentage share

Figure: Jody Fletcher (L) and Jaden Smith (R)
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The star has a half-breed, Tray Smith. Trey is Cherie’s baby and her ex-husband is Will Smith. Goodbye, Cherie and Will are still on good terms. It is also well connected to Jaden and Willow.

Jody Fletcher’s parents (Cherie and Terrell) are married

Cherie and her old partner Terrell light up the 26th. In May 2007 she took her marriage vows. They’re sharing a child from their marriage.

Things were going well until 2014, when Cherie filed for divorce. She even asked for alimony during the divorce proceedings. Later she announced her divorce on her Twitter. The former couple stayed married for seven years, but unfortunately they were separated due to misunderstandings.

Figure: Parents Jody Terrell and Sherney at wedding on 26 May 2007

For Terrell, Cherie married the famous American actor Will Smith from 1992 to 1995. Years after the divorce in 2018, Will’s wife, , showed Jad Pinkett Smith ; she started dating him before his divorce from Cherie. Even after these problems, Cherie stays close to the Smith family.

After two unhappy relationships, Cherie is single and Terell is married to a beautiful woman named Kawala Young.

Parents Jody Fletcher (Cherie and Terrell) Net worth

Jody Fletcher is too young to start her career and make money. But as far as his father’s concerned, Terrell’s net worth is $0.6 million. While his mother has assets of at least $0.9 million.

Cherie also owns an online store,, where she sells women’s clothing and accessories. She also has her own shop.

Working life of Jody’s parents (Cherie and Terrell)

As far as Jody’s father’s professional life goes, Terrell’s a former soccer player. Her mother, Cherie, is an actress by profession.

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