Kenneth Jarek is an American journalist, photographer, author, editor and war correspondent.
He went viral with his images of a burned and helpless Iraqi soldier (published in The Observer, March 10, 1991). He is also known for his coverage of the nine Olympics and the first Gulf War. He also worked as a photographer in the White House. He is also known to have travelled to more than 80 countries as part of his professional activities.

Kenneth Jarecki Family

Born in 1963 in Fairfax, Missouri, he is the oldest son of Melissa and Bernard Yareke (4 children total).
As a child, he had a passion for photography and shot with his father’s private camera. Some say he quit football because of his interest in photography. He spent most of his childhood in Nebraska. He graduated from William Jennings Bryan Sr. in 1981 and then attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he met Suad (a Syrian immigrant and businesswoman), who later became his wife. They have four children and currently live on a ranch in Montana.

Kenneth Jarek’s career details

He began his career as a student sportscaster for the Associated Press. Jarekke moved to New York to pursue his desire to become a photojournalist. Jarecki landed in New York when he was a kid, without any extraordinary experience. He worked for a while to gain experience. During the workshop, he also met David Burnett and Robert Shoulder of Contact Press Images. He was also hired by Life magazine.

Jarekke is co-founder of Contact Press Images. He traveled extensively during the US presidential campaign (1987-88) and was the most printed photographer in 1988.

He then worked as a contract photographer for The Time. He was nominated for the Most Recent Photographer Award for his outstanding work.

Since then, he has written brilliant stories on a variety of New York topics, including environmental crises, health/medical issues, etc. One of his stories about New York, The Rotten Big Apple, which featured several dramatic images, caused a worldwide sensation because of its sarcastic depiction of the city’s problems.

In 1991, he spent some time in the U.S. Army during a trip to Saudi Arabia. He took a picture of a young Iraqi soldier who was burned and helpless (whose facial expression betrayed that he was trying to commit suicide) as a result of the extreme bombing by the US military. The American media refused to publish it because it was unwise to do so in wartime, but the story received attention in French and British magazines and was widely circulated everywhere. So the American media had to publish it. This made him popular all over the world and he was awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence.

He is also known to have traveled to over 80 countries since 1989 and covered nine Olympic Games, but his most notable work is the photograph of a soldier during the first Gulf War.

He also worked as a photographer for the White House during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.
In 1996, he left TIME to become a contract photographer for U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT and worked there for ten years.

Jarekke continues to report on topics such as the underground militia movement, the U.S.-Mexico border, the state of public education, the quality of health care in HMOs, and unrest in the Middle East.

Kenneth Jarek Pure Cost

Kenneth Jarekka’s exact net worth is still unknown, but we estimate his net worth to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

He is probably a successful and highly decorated American photojournalist, so he is rich (his net worth could be higher than this estimate).

Interesting facts about Kenneth Jarek

  • According to our research, there is no clear indication of his date of birth, some think it could be the 23rd. February, but according to Wikipedia, it’s the 9th. May 1963.
  • We estimate that he is about 2 meters long.
  • He is currently leading a difficult life and is not dating anyone.
  • There is also no clear evidence of his religion.
  • He likes to watch football.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.

Famous Writings of Kenneth Jarek

  • Jarekke, Kenneth. Cervenka, Exene. Just Another War (1st ed.).
  • Jarekke, Kenneth. Husker Game Day 2010 – Farewell to the Big 12 (1st ed.).
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