Kiara Morrison is the mother of two children; wedding and wedding details.

Nothing beats the way you have found true love, because once you are in love, your heart is filled with happiness and joy. Just as they find romance,Kevin SimshauserandTaylor Colealso think they were made for each other after the first match.

The handsome couple enjoy the most precious moment of their lives: playing golf, skiing on the snow-covered mountains and going on holiday. Let’s look at the married life of the couple downstairs.

Love life of Kevin Simshauser and Taylor Cole

35– Summer Actress,Taylor ColeandKevin Simshauser, a businessman, joined as husband and wife byon October 2, 2015at La Quinta Resort The Waldorf Astoria Resort and Club in La Quinta, California. At their wedding, Taylor invited his fellow actorsLaguna Beach, whereAlex MurrellandMorgan Parentsbecame bridesmaids.

The wedding was beautiful when Cole Jenny Packham wore his mother-of-pearl wedding dress. In addition, the bridesmaids were dressed in long dresses with corollas.

Photo: Kevin Simshauser and Taylor Cole walking down the aisle with their hands in hand
Source:. Instagram @ alexmurrel

On the other hand, the groom, Simshauser, wore a slim dark blue tuxedo, white underwear with a dark blue tie and a white flower in his left pocket. At the end of the ceremony two guests placed them on their shoulders and started to dance.

Instagram @ tylercolephoto

Photo: Kevin Simshauser and Taylor Cole are married in a blissful ceremony
Source:. Instagram @ tylercolephoto

The groom’s night was an unforgettable moment in his life. After the wedding ceremony the couple celebrates their 1st birthday every year. 1 October2.

Instagram @ morgansuders

Figure: Taylor Cole and Kevin Simshauser have the best memories of their wedding ceremony
Source:. Instagram @ Morgansuders

Before her marriage, Taylor was married to Christine Cavallari’s ex-boyfriend, Talan Torriero, in 2005. When they starred in the novel, Cole and Christine became obsessed, but their rivalry ended after Taylor broke up with Talan.

welcomes the child’s daughter

Taylor and Kevin are lucky to have a cute kid, Tatum Woods,21 September 2018in a hospital in Arizona. After the birth of the child, the real estate investor placed Instagram, he says,

Watching the birth of my daughter was the most surreal, intense, amazing thing I have ever seen, so proud of you and your mother! Happy birthday, Tatum Woods!

Daily Post United Kingdom

Hook: Kevin Simshauser carries his daughter Tatum Wood
Source:. Daily Mail United Kingdom

For the time being, the couple is taking care of their two-year-old daughter. In the same way,Jack FinchandCasey Rangerare also the co-parents of their newborn,Bloss Finch.

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