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Sue is a 24-year-old girl born on the 30th day of her pregnancy. She was born in Russia in August 1996, so it goes without saying that she is a star of the Virgin Mary. She has a brother, a younger brother she worships. Although she was born in Russia, she grew up in the United States, where she moved as a teenager.

Childhood and education Kinsey Sue Volansky Details

She studied in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. She then began her studies at the University of Illinois, where she later graduated. She refused to go to university because in her youth she always had a preference for fashion and modelling. It was at this point that she began to follow her dream and became involved in all aspects of fashion and modelling.

Kinsey Sue Volansky Career Details

As mentioned before, she had a preference for fashion and modelling, which was noticeable at an early age. She started her modelling career at the age of 16, and fortunately it was easy for her, because she had a beautiful face and perfect body shape that attracted the attention of many famous brands and magazines. These magazines include Maxim, Movie and Sports. In 2017 he made the front page of Boulevard magazine. Other professional successes include the role of Brittany in the horror film The Cutter Party, which was released in early 2019. In 2018 the young model walked the red carpet at the Babes charity event at Toyland Pet, and in 2019 she received an invitation to show her acting talents to an audience at the aforementioned film adaptation evening. She plays a very active role in social media, especially on Instagram. However, she was unlucky with her photo on Instagram after an incident in which she entered the field in a black bikini during the current football match between Liverpool and Tottenham in the final of the UEFA Champions League, causing a frenzy on all social networks, after which she quickly gained almost 2 million followers, and her account was closed for a fairly long period of time, to be recovered by some 4 million followers in 2019. She is currently promoting Bang Energy beverages through her profile in short videos. She also makes funny jokes and still poses for various sports and bikini brands. She would also be a former porn actress and social media personality.

Kinsey Sue Volansky Net Worth

Its net value is estimated at $500,000. She gets most of her income mainly from Instagram because she has a large following, she also earns from sponsors she works with and she earns about $3,000 for each sponsored position.

By April 2020, the influence and enthusiasm of Kinsli Polanski’s Instagram is estimated at $900,000 net.

She could also earn more through her connection with her ex-boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovitsky and her popularity in social networks through her tricks and jokes, which ultimately means more sponsorship and partnership agreements. In the Champions League final it is claimed that what increased its credibility, according to several experts, was worth between $3.8 and $6 million. This action was strategically important because she was planning to retire at the age of 30, which gave her the opportunity to do so since, according to the experts, there is no negative publicity.

Kinsey Sue Volanski dating history

She had a relationship with YouTube content creator and former adult film actor Vitaly Zdorovitsky.

Unfortunately, after two years of presence, they broke up in 2019. The two charming jokers first evoked their sweltering love story and shared a wonderfully luxurious image in the beautiful Cliffside of Mykonostown. Kinsey Volansky shared his first photo with his official Instagram website on the 22nd. July 2018. On the other hand, his brave partner Vitaly was no less in love, as he had sworn to marry his friend Kinsey after he was shocked and impressed. The 18th. In May, on the anniversary of their relationship, Zdorovetsky wrote him a love letter expressing his love.

Kinsey Sue Volansky Wedding Details

She is currently single because she divorced her boyfriend in 2019. That’s why she’s single at the moment and no relationship has been established.

Kinsey Sue Volansky Religion

She’s a faithful Christian.

Kinsey Sue Volanski Parents

The whereabouts of their parents have not been disclosed, so information about them is not generally known.

Kinsey Sue Volansky’s Body measurements

She’s five feet tall. She weighs about 58 pounds. Her eyes are dark brown/grey and her hair is blond, her bra size is 33B and her shoe size (UK) is 7,5UK.

Cars and houses Kinsey Sue Volansky

The type of vehicles and houses in which she lives is unidentified and therefore unknown.

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