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If you’re an NBA sports fan, you probably heard the name of the shooter, DeMar DeRozan. Well, on our list we have his love of life or wife, Ciara Morrison. Well, Kiara is one of the famous and fashionable women like Jennifer Earls and The Fate of Barteli.

Partner of DeMar, Chiara was born on the 18th. January 1988, father, Keith Morrison, former NBA player, born. She’s American and half Filipino. She went to the University of Southern California.

Engaged to an ex-boyfriend

Yes, 4 years of faith, trust, patience and love finally became a step forward when Chiara and DeRozan hold their engagement ring exchange ceremony in 2013. They first met when DeMar played in Southern California in 2009, and the couple were students at the same time.

Figure: Chiara Morrison and her fiancé, DeMar DeRozan
Source:. Cars for players

Chiara is also an avid basketball player and is often spotted at matches with her fiancé. Since then, Morrison and her husband started meeting and seeing each other at meetings and social events. They’ve been inseparable for ten years.

Are they still together?

They may be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up their years of love. Yes, it was once reported that these beautiful fiancée couples were no longer together when they broke up in 2017-2018. It was a little shocking because it seemed to go well between them.


Photo: NBA shooter, DeMar DeRozan with two daughters, Diar and Marie
Source: ABS-CBN Sport

Later, however, Kiara said about his position at Instagram that they were still communicating well with each other. She later removed or deleted this photo, but the two lovebirds noticed them together in the last year of 2018, which led to rumours that they had returned together.

Mother of two charming girls

Ciara and the NBA star are the happy parents of two children. Diar DeRozan is the first child to be born in 2013, while the second child, Mari DeRozan , will be born in 2016.

Instagram @ki_mo

Hook: Two daughters of Chiara Morrison
Source: Instagram @ki_mo

Although they have not made a pact, DeMar and Chiara still share the perfect custody of their two beautiful children Diar, 6 years old and Marie 3 years old.

Net assets and profit

Meanwhile, Chiara Morrison’s true profession has not yet been revealed to the media. As we all know, she became famous after she got engaged to American professional basketball player DeMar DeRosan, so Chiara’s source of income could not be determined.

On the other hand, DeRozan is an American professional basketball player with an amazing net worth of $23 million from 2019. In addition, a 1.80m NBA signed a new five-year contract worth $139 million in July 2016.

The 30-year-old star, DeMar ( NBA ), is expected to be the highest paid Spurs team in the 2018/19 season with a base salary of $27 million . Indeed, the other licence agreements also contribute to increasing their overall value.

$3.7 million Tarzan Villa, California

In September 2014, DeRozan & Morrison acquired a $3.75 million property in Tarzan, California. This beautiful home has seven bedrooms, eight kitchen bathrooms with a double cooking island and 6,609 square meters of living space.

There is also a living room, a fireplace and a large formal dining room. A full-fledged basketball court also makes the house even more impressive. According to the Los Angeles Times, the property was built in 1995 in a Mediterranean style.

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