LaurenzSide is an American and Youtuber game commentator that is popular with gamers worldwide.

She is an avid online gamer and has a unique way of presenting her reactions via face cameras and audio.

Why is LorenzSide known?

  • is an American commentator on YouTube games.
  • For his ankle facial reactions

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LaurenceSide was born on the 7th Lauren Webber. Born July 1989 in New York, USA. Her father died while she was still in school. Lauren’s mother raised her alone.

She grew up with her brother Ryan and has a half-sister named Chrissy. She has a dog named Dexter who appeared on her YouTube channel. Lauren is an American citizen, but her ethnicity is unknown.


She went to a local high school and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communication. She currently lives in New York with her husband.

Did you know that?
  • How old is Lorenzside? She’s 31 years old now.
  • Lorenz-Syde is married? She’s happily married to Bobby.
  • How much is Lorenzside? Its net value is estimated at around $5.2 million.

All about his career

Lorenzside started his career on YouTube with game content. She usually records various games herself and uploads them to YouTube. She has an exceptional playing ability and her performance, which has helped her to win competitions, is commendable. His videos are in hopping style. Lauren first launched her YouTube channel in 2007 to post blogs and comedy sketches, but due to her studies she couldn’t continue.

LaurenzSide | Bio, Age, Husband, YouTube, Games, Net Worth | Signature : LawrenceSide (Source: Starsgab)

The 30th. January 2013 (after an interruption of 4 years) Lauren launched the LaurenzSide YouTube account as a game channel for comedy games. Among their most popular videos are the 24-hour Life as a sim challenge videos, as well as the Trollcraft Minecraft Modified Multiplayer Survival series and the new Tomodachi series videos.

She often collaborates with other YouTube stars such as Yammy, JackSuckAtLife, Gloom and Joey Graceffa among many others. His other virtual nickname is Bread Queen. Some of his most popular videos are from his The Sims 4 series and the Minecraft series. Lauren even downloads videos with multiple game challenges, contests, gameplay tutorials and game-related content.

She also has many types of series and has participated in many multiplayer series. Basically, she has several episodes at the same time. Lauren’s most popular show was in Sims 4. Their first series was Sims 4: YouTube videos (Toddler Season) that show her how she raises her friends while still a little girl on YouTube.

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She’s a Pescetarian and doesn’t eat meat except seafood. She usually prefers a vegan diet. Her favorite movies are Saints of Boondock, Forgotten Sarah Marshall, Scream and Requiem for a Dream, and she enjoys watching television shows like Friends, Always Sunny and Editorial News.

Shareholders’ equity and payroll

Laurentside currently has a net value of $5.2 million. He makes a live streaming video on Twitch and receives revenue from YouTube. It also manages its merchandise, where it sells various products.

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LorenzSide is married? Husband, children, marriage

Lorenzside married his old friend Bobby, also known as Bobizzard. They got married on the 20th. August 2016 and moved from Manhattan, New Jersey. They have a long term relationship and according to a letter from Valentine’s Day 2020 they have been together for 9 long years. Then the two lovers went to the university for a video recording where they connected. They live a happy life together and enjoy their happy family life.

LaurenzSide | Bio, Age, Husband, YouTube, Games, Net Worth | Signature : LawrenceSide (Source: TheNetLine).

LaurencePage: Height, weight, colour of eyes

She’s 5’10”. The weight of the beautiful game spreader is 64 kg. She has elegantly dyed purple hair, which is kind of a fashion statement. She has dark brown eyes and is between 34 and 35 inches tall.

LaurenzSide | Bio, Age, Husband, YouTube, Games, Net Worth | Signature : LaurenzSide (Source: Twitter)

Is LaurenzSide active on social media?

It has approximately 167,000 subscribers to Twitter, approximately 2.6 million subscribers to TikTok and approximately 4.2 million subscribers to its YouTube channel.

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