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Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani...

Benjamin Maisani is a successful businessman who has earned everything through hard work and commitment. He is also known for his long relationship with the famous journalist Anderson Cooper, with whom he broke up last year. Does this man have more to say than he seems at first glance?

Benjamin Maisani

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Despite being with a famous TV star for many years, Benjamin Maisani never made use of his good friend. He’d rather have a private life.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Benjamin Maisani
  • Date of birth: 27. January 1973
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Height: 5 ft 6 inches (1 m 67 cm)
  • Nationality: French-American
  • Place of birth: Corsica, France
  • Assignment: businessman
  • Partner: Anderson Cooper (2009-2018)


The businessman was born in Corsica, France, where he spent his first years. Benjamin Maysani is a French-American citizen. Benjamin Maisani’s parents were devout Catholics. Apart from that, little is known about his youth. When the young man finished his studies in France, he decided to move to New York and study cinema. He graduated from the Hunting College with the same degree.

His first work is at the Morgan Library in New York. He was very interested in 17th century art. He collected antiques, which he then shared with his friend. Then he worked in a gay bar in Barracuda. This work has made him more confident and open. Today he owns three gay bars in New York City: East Bloc, Atlas Social Club and Bedlam Bar & Lounge.

Benjamin Maisaniyears old

Benjamin Maisani

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Since Benjamin Maisani’s birthday on the 27th… January 1973, he is currently 46 years old.

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Benjamin Maisani Height

This man is of medium height. It is about 5 feet 6 inches high, or 5 feet 67 cm.

Benjamin Maisani Net worth

Over the years he has led his company to success. He made a fortune there. Today, its net worth is estimated at $8 million.

The dating history of Benjamin Maisani

The businessman is openly gay. His most famous relationship was with the famous journalist Anderson Cooper, who is CNN’s main presenter, Anderson Cooper 360°. They started dating in 2009, and before they broke up, they lived as a couple for about nine years.

In the beginning, he and Anderson kept their relationship a secret. Anderson was very scared to go out at the time. However, in 2012 Anderson Cooper dared to do it and finally admitted that he was gay and proud of his sexuality.

Anderson Cooper’s relationship with Benjamin Maisani was not as harmonious as it seemed. One day there were rumours that a businessman was cheating on his journalist friend when he was photographed kissing another man.

The businessman denied the accusations and strengthened his relationship with the journalist. You’ve often seen them go on vacation together.

Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani...

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Unfortunately, the relationship ended in 2018. Those interested in Anderson Cooper’s private life were shocked to hear about the split. Despite the fact that these two paths diverged, Anderson admitted that they still loved and cared for each other and that they were good friends. The reasons for their dissolution have not been published.

Shortly after the divorce, the TV presenter was seen in the company of a new so-called romantic, Victor Lopez, who is a doctor. But they broke up, too. We don’t know if Benjamin had another love affair after he divorced Anderson. Although they are no longer together, the businessman supported the journalist when his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, died.

Today, Benjamin Maisani continues to focus on his career and his company. Maybe one day he’ll find love again.

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