Better known as Big Poppa to Kim Zolchak, Li Najar’s life is surrounded by contradictions. Mogul Real Estate became involved with Kim over the years when he was still married to Kimberly Najar.

You’d think Kimberly would divorce her husband after an extramarital affair. And a lot of online tabloids have talked about it, but the couple are still together. How was married life? For more information, see the following article.

All the good things in his life in marriage

Lee tied a knot with Kimberly at a fancy event. A multimillionaire businessman and his wife remain stiff when it comes to unveiling their wedding day.

Figure: Lee Najar (left) with his wife Kimberly Najar (right).
Source: Instagram @kimberly_najar

Although we cannot give an exact date for their big day, we can say with certainty that the couple have been happily married for a very long time. During their long life as a couple, they have overcome many obstacles, but they have always encountered them together.

While Lee was having an affair with Kim Zolchak, the news of the divorce between Lee and Kimberly spread like wildfire. But Kimberly has remained strong with her husband, and the duo are still together, as can be seen in their Instagram photos.

You are parents of successful children

Since his long marriage, Lee has had two children, making his family two to four years old. Kimberly had a daughter and a son who were both successful in their professional careers.

The daughter of Lee Katelin Najar is a socialite. She also works as a blogger and collects more than 10,000 followers in her social networks. However, the son of real estate magnate , Jeremy Najar, follows in his father’s footsteps.

Liberte Chan is happily married to her husband; see her family and Net as well.

Picture: (from left to right) Lee Najar, Kimberly Najar, Jeremy Najar and Katelin Najar.
Source: Instagram @kimberly_najar

No, he’s not in real estate, but Jeremy’s a successful businessman. Founder and CEO of Smash Entertainment INC, , providing entertainment and leisure services.

Li Najar arrested

In 2012, Lee did not appear in court, which led to his arrest. According to him, Lee could not appear in court because he had previously committed himself to the maintenance of the rainwater system on his land.

The court fined him $75,000 for not showing up. In the same way, Lee has been arrested several times in his life. His arrest attracted more attention after he was shown as Sugar Daddy by Kim Zolchak in 2009.

Liberte Chan is happily married to her husband; see her family and Net as well.

Frame: Li Najar (left) and Kim Zolchak (right).
Source: Keyword basket

Lee provided all the resources needed to enable Zolchak to lead an expensive lifestyle. She entered the Real Housewives Atlantacontest, which revealed Dad’s mysterious identity.

A couple living in a multi-million dollar villa.

The Puerto Rican lives with his family in Atlanta in a villa worth $13.8 million, or $0.9 billion. In an interview he said there is a difference between home and the house. Well, under the house he probably meant the hotel, since his house is 33,000 square feet.

In his mansion, a businessman built an Olympic swimming pool, nine bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and seven kitchens. Afterwards in 2009 Lee toured his house in an episode of MTV Teen Cribs. During the series he also showed his private spa and salon.

Liberte Chan is happily married to her husband; see her family and Net as well.

Figure: Lee Najar’s million-dollar villa.
Source: Valuable footwear

Lee and Kimberly lead luxurious lives with their families, supported by his successful real estate business. Like Yaron Varsano and Guraisch Aldufrey, he keeps his life discreet, which implies his private account on social media.

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