Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

One of the most popular reality shows on television is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It is an excellent television series that has had three successful seasons. The IT show started for the first time on the 18th. June 2012 on the VH1 channel.

The performers in this show, of course, make money. While watching this amazing television show, a question comes to mind that everyone might be asking: What is the net value of these stars?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Cast

Net fuel costs and veterinary fees

Veteran Benzino was killed on the 18th. Born July 1965 in Boston. He’s 60 years old. Its net worth is $10 million. He is an American rapper and a hip-hop media executive. Most of his catchy songs come from his career as a musician and publisher.

Stevie J Net cost and salary

Stevie J was born on the 2nd. November 1971 in Utica, New York. He’s 49 years old. He is Benzino’s best friend with a net worth of $5 million. He is a singer, producer, author, composer and actor. He lives off music.

Waka Flame Net cost and salary

Waka Flocka Flame was born on the 31st. May 1986 in New York and is 34 years old. It has a net value of $5.4 million. He’s a former rapper from Atlanta. Waka Floka Flame is the owner of Record Rants. He lives off music.

Mimi Faust Net cost and salary

Mimi Faust was born on the 3rd. January 1970 in Newport News, Virginia, USA. She’s 50 years old. Mimi’s net worth is $2 million. Mimi Faust is Stevie J’s girlfriend. She is a reality TV star and owner of Atlanta, Inc. Mimi Faust makes her money with her own business that she has been running for years.

Net worth and wages of Lil Patchwork

Lil Loskreb was born on the 19th. January 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He was 36 years old. Lil Flap’s net worth is $700,000. He is a rap and hip-hop artist.

Rashida Backer Net cost and wages

Rashida Backer was born on the 25th. May 1976, born in Decatur, Georgia, USA. She’s 44 years old. Teen artist Rasheeda Bucker has a net worth of $600,000. She earns her living from television, music and her own business.

Kirk Faust Net expenses and wages

Kirk Faust was born on the 30th. January 1969 in Georgia, USA. He’s 51 years old. Kirk Faust has a net worth of $600,000 and is an American reality TV star and entertainment executive. Kirk Faust is the husband of Rashida Backer. Revenue comes from show managers and television appearances.

Erica Dixon Net costs and wages

Erica Dixon was born on the 12th. October 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She was 36 years old. Leela’s mother is irritable and has a net worth of $600,000. Erica Dixon is a patchwork bride. She’s an assistant physician by trade. All her income comes from television. She starts her own clothing company.

Carly Redd Net Charges and Wages

Carly Redd was born on the 15th. April 1974 in New York, United States. She’s 46 years old. She is a singer, model and dancer. His net worth is $200,000.

Joseline Hernandez Net expenses and salary

Jocelyn Hernandez was born on the 3rd. Born in November 1986 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, he is 34 years old and has a net worth of $300,000. She is the wife of Stevie J. She has income from music, television and acting.

K Michelle Net expenses and salary

К. Michel was born on the 04. March 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She’s 34 years old. She is a rapper, composer, guitarist and actress. K. Michelle’s net worth is $500,000. She lives off the music.

Grocery costs and wages

Spice was born on the 06. August 1982, born in Jamaica, USA. She’s 38 years old. She is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and artist who records on the dance floor. The net value of the herb is $73,000. Spice makes money from music.

Shaggy DeLeon Net cost and salary

Patchwork DeLeon was born on the 13th. September 1887 in São Paulo, Brazil. She’s 33 years old. She’s a rapper, an Instagram star, a television actress and a hip-hop artist. His net worth is $750,000.

Tammy Rivera Net costs and wages

Tammy Rivera was born on the 30th. Born July 1986 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He’s a reality show star. Tammy Rivera is the flame bride of Waka Flocka. His net worth is $200,000.

Net worth and wages of young sportsmen and sportswomen

Young Jock was born on the 02. April 1983, born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He’s 37 years old. Young Jock is a professional rapper. Its net worth is $8 million.

Sierra Gates Net costs and wages

Sierra Gates was founded on the 11th. September 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She was 22 years old. Sierra is a beauty entrepreneur and the CEO of Sierra’s Secret Cosmetics. Their net worth is over $1 million.


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