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UEFA Europa League: Summary of Group Phase

32. The draw took place on the 16th. December at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. Based on what happened in the junior tournament in the rest period until February, we see the top favourites in the first round of the knockout phase as follows.

In the European knockout phase, 16 more clubs than in the Champions League will participate in the league and an extra round, so they will play (almost) weekly matches as soon as the match is played on the 20th day of the tournament. February is resumed.

Don’t forget that twelve groups were formed during the group game:

Group Winner (sown as a tie) Bishop (no draw)
A Seville (ESP) APUEL (CYP)
B Malmö F.F. (SWE) Copenhagen (DEN)
C Basel (SUI) Declared (ESP)
D LASK [OUT] Sporty CP (POR)
E Celtic (SCO) CFR Club (ROU)
F Arsenal (ENG) Interchat Frankfurt (GER)
G Oporto (POR) Forest ranger (SCO)
H Imperial (ESP) Ludgorets Razgrad (BUL)
I Ghent (BEL) Wolfsburg (ERT)
J Istanbul Basakshehir (TUR) Rum (ITA)
K Braga (POR) Wolverhampton Wanderer (ENG)
L Manchester United (ENG) AZ [NED]

In addition, eight third seeded teams from the Champions League took part in the league, and the top four of the clubs drew in the Europa League. These eight teams:

Sperm Club Results of the CL group
1 Ajax (NED) 10
2 Red Bull Salzburg (AUT) 7
3 Inter Milan (ITA) 7
4 Benfica (POR) 7
5 Bayer Leverkusen (DE) 6
6 Miner Donetsk (Great Britain) 6
7 Olympiakos (GRE) 4
8 Club Bruges (BEL) 3

This is the last round of the tournament, in which clubs of the same club cannot compete against each other. Even if they played in the same group in the last round, they can’t get back together before the quarter finals. The seeded clubs play the second game of the next 32. and the first round starts on the 20th. February 2020.

Favorite Tournaments

There are four clubs that, according to Five ThirtyEight, have at least an 8% chance of winning the tournament. Seville and Inter Milan are in the lead with 10%. Sevilla has been European champion five times, including three times in a row from 2014 to 2016, and performance this season has been excellent. Before she was killed on the 6th. If they lose their first match day in an insignificant APOEL match, they are unbeaten in five group games and have only lost two goals. Expect more results in the playoffs.

Inter are third in the Champions League group tournament and lost in the sixth round. The winner of group Barcelona , which prevented him from advancing. They fought a little in the group phase and lost three times. Inter Milan has won three European championships – but not in this century – and hopes to find a way to stay alive in the tournament.

Finally, there are two other clubs with a chance of 8% – Manchester United and Ajax. Both clubs probably feel that the Europa League is already a slum. Both were quarter finalists in last year’s Champions League and Ajax reached the semifinals. Both have won the European League titles – Manchester United (2017) recently won more titles than Ajax (1992).

Tour of the 32 favourites

Six clubs have more than a 70% chance of reaching the 16th round. The top two favourites – Seville (93%) and Inter Milan (83%) – have the best chances of promotion. Just behind them is Roma (81%), who have the pleasure of playing against Gent, , although Gent is the sown club and has the right to organize the second round. The Roma came second in their Europa League group, although they scored the most goals and had the best result in terms of the difference between the goals scored in the group and the goals awarded. It is easy to understand why they are preferred, even if they are not the best club in the game.

Red Bull Salzburg, Wolfsburgand Wanderers or Wolverhampton are the favourites in about three quarters of the matches. Only Red Bull Salzburg is in this position with the return of the house. RB Salzburg defeated Genk in the group stage of the Champions League, but could not beat Liverpool and Napoli to reach the 16th round. of this tournament. As a reward they meet Eintracht Frankfurt, , who limps in this corner after they are killed at turn 6. It is the second round of the group tournament that lost Vitoria de Guimaraes .

Long distance

The top shooter of the tournament, CFR Cluj, has actually been quite amazing in the tournament so far. They enter the knockout phase as the club with the lowest ranking in the European league on the Football Strength Index (SPI), registered at 49.6. Their opponents in this round, the favorites from Seville, recorded 80.5 in the SPI, so it is not difficult to see why the Spanish are the overwhelming favorites.

But CFR Cluj has only been a defense so far. In the group phase they became second in group E after Celtic , before the much better known European clubs Lazio and (to a lesser extent) Rennes. They also did well in the Champions League and almost reached the group stage of this tournament before reaching the finals in the final qualifications against Slavia Prague. Across Europe they are now 7-2-5 this season, including a third round victory over Celtic in the Champions League. The Scots took revenge for the group win, but I don’t want to overlook the courageous Romanian champion against Seville at this time.

European League draw: Series 32

With an extra round of qualifications (compared to the Champions League) and a slightly tighter schedule, the European League has a chance to achieve weirder results. In the first round everything was chalked up and in the next round the two favourites were tense against each other, paving the way for the fringe team.

Here are the complete sets of the 32. Round. Team 1 performs Phase 1 on 20 February, while Team 2 performs Phase 2 on 27 February. February (with the exception of Braga vs. The Rangers, which takes place on 26 February) :

Team 1 Team 2
Walker from Wolverhampton. Espanyol
Sporty CP Istanbul Bashakhir
I’ll be damned. Ajax
Bayer Leverkusen Postage costs
Copenhagen Celtic table
CFR Club Seville
Olympiakos Arsenal
Club Bruges Manchester United
Ludogorets Razgrad Inter Milan
Eintracht Frankfurt Red Bull Salzburg
Shakhtar Donetsk Benfica
Wolfsburg Malmö FF
Roma Ghent
Forestier Braga

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the total amount of the available prize pool?

It is difficult to calculate the exact amounts, but UEFA’s forecast is about $625 million. The reward of the team depends on the performance and the result of the competition (bonuses are paid for victories and draws). All teams in the group phase receive a minimum of $2.92 million as entry fee.

Note : The use of team logos does not constitute proof of ownership and all logos are the property of UEFA and/or the participating teams.

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