Marzia Kjellberg is a popular online personality from Italy, a fashion designer and a businesswoman. On her now-inactive YouTube channel, she is popular for her videos and has also ventured into blogging, fashion design, and industry. Marzia Kjellberg net worth is more than our expect. She runs two more businesses by her own.

On January 16, 2012, Kjellberg created her CutiePieMarzia YouTube channel. Her YouTube videos based on content for fashion, beauty, make-up, DIY, books, films, vlogs, haul, and video gaming. “After her last video titled “Goodbye Youtube.,” on October 22, 2018, she has however, left uploading videos on YouTube. The videos have attracted almost 16 million views.

Marzia Kjellberg net worth, Fashion and Design ceramic

Marzia Kjellberg net worth can be estimated as $2 million as per some sources. She runs two more businesses which is self founded at @mai_accents & co-founder of @tsuki_market. Her popularity on YouTube allowed her to start designing her own apparel. She has launched numerous lines of fashion and design merchandise since March 2015, including nail polish colors, home decor items, and clothes, most notably.

Marzia Kjellberg business

In 2016, through Project Shoe, she founded ‘Daisy’ shoes. She began a product line with Zoya, a brand of nail polish, that July. Marzia started Lemon, a clothing line paired with a fragrance, in June of 2017.

Marzia Kjellberg launched Maì, a brand of jewelry, pottery, and home decor, on July 1, 2018. The Maì ceramic accents from her UK-based pottery studio are handcrafted by herself. Along with Tsuki Market, a unisex clothing and homeware brand that she owns with husband Felix Kjellberg, she also manages that brand.

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Marzia Kjellberg worked in animated web series

Besides that, she has been a voice actress in various animated web series. She became the face of Carrie the Carrot in Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Animals. Likewise, in a six-episode animated web series called Pugatory, she also voiced the character Maya, based on her own dog.

Marzia Kjellberg web series

She released a young adult fantasy/horror novel in January of 2015. The English edition, while the Italian version was published under the title La Casa Dei Sogni, was published as Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia.

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Body measurements and Social media accounts of Marzia

Marzia Kjellberg stands 5 feet 3 inches high (i.e. 162 m). She weighs approximately 115 lbs, or 52 kilograms. Similarly, brown is her skin colour, and her hair is medium brown.

body measurement Marzia Kjellberg

On various social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., she is available. On Instagram, with more than 8.2 million followers, she goes with the user name @itsmarziapie. Her account on Twitter has drawn more than 4 million followers.

Marcia Kjellberg is a popular Italian online personality, fashion designer and business woman. Known for her videos on her now active YouTube channel, she has also ventured into blogging, fashion design and the industry. The net worth of Marcia Kjellberg is higher than expected. She handles two other cases herself.

The 16th. In January 2012 Kjellberg founded his YouTube channel CutiePieMarzia. Their video content on YouTube for fashion, beauty, make-up, DIY, books, movies, blogs, drag and video games. After their last video Goodbye, Youtube on 22. October 2018, she did say goodbye to YouTube. The videos have been watched almost 16 million times.

Net assets of Marcia Kjellberg, fashion and ceramic design

The net value of Marcia Kjellberg can, according to some sources, be estimated at 2 million dollars. She runs two other companies based on @mai_accents and co-founder @tsuki_market. His popularity on YouTube allowed him to design his own clothes. Since March 2015, it has launched a wide range of fashion and design product lines, including nail polish colours, home accessories and clothing.

In 2016 she founded Daisy Shoes through Project Shoe. In July it launched a product line with the brand Zoya nail polish. In June 2017 Marcia launched the Lemon clothing line, which is associated with perfume.

One. In July 2018 Marcia Kjellberg launched Maì, a brand of jewellery, pottery and interior design. Maì’s ceramic accents, from her British pottery workshop, are handmade. Besides Tsuki Market, a brand of unisex clothing and household items that she owns together with her husband Felix Kjellberg.

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Marcia Kjellberg worked in the anime series .

She has also played the role of vocal actress in several animated series. She became the face of Carrie the Carrot at the Fantastic Beasts Oscars. In the same way she played the character of Maya, based on her own dog, in the six-part animated series Pugatory.

In January 2015 she published a fantasy/horror novel for young adults. The English edition, while the Italian version was published under the title La Casa Dei Sogni, was published under the title Dream House : Roman CutiePieMarzia.

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Body measurements and social media accounts Marzia

Martia Kjellberg is 162 meters high. She weighs about 115 pounds, or 52 pounds. His skin is also brown and his hair is medium brown.

It is available on various social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. On Instagram, which has more than 8.2 million subscribers, it appears under the username @itsmarziapie. His Twitter account has attracted more than 4 million followers.

Full Profile
Birth name Marcia Kjellberg
Alias Marcia Kjellberg
Profession The Instagram Star
Date of birth 21. October 1992 in the United States of America
place of birth Vicenza, Italy, United States
Hometown Vicenza, Italy
Citizenship American

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