Masika Kalysha Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Masika Kalysha is an American actress, reality TV star, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and successful businesswoman, model and shrew of over 80 music videos. His hit series Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood and adult hip-hop from Atlanta.

Masika Kalysha Bio: Age, beginning of life

Masika Kalisha was born on the 07th. June 1985, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She’s 35 years old. Birthday: June ’07.

Masik Kalysh family information

Masika’s parents’ names are unknown, she has an older brother and an unknown sister. Masika shared a photo of the siblings at the baby shower on her Twitter page.

Masika Kalysha Training Details

Masika Kalysha graduated from Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro, Georgia in 2003. Then 11th. August 2011, Masika is an average student who is not fully interested in her education. His father therefore encouraged him to work in the media industry to pursue his profession. Masika moves to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career as a model and actress.

body measurements Masiki Kalyshi

  • Height: 1,80 m.
  • Weight: 59 kg.
  • The horoscope: Twins.
  • Eye and hair color: Masika Kalysha has beautiful deep black eyes and black hair.

Masik Kalysh Quarry Details

Masika Kalysha started her first career as a hostess and later became a famous model.

Masika Kalysha began her acting career with her first music video for the film Well and What Field Mob Well and What in 2005.

Masika played an acting role in the 2006 film Three Can Play the Game.

In 20013 and 2017, she appeared on the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

In 2014, Masika started filming an action-packed feature film.

In 2018, Masikas Gurl was selected to be in the film Growing up Hip Hop (Adult Hip Hop) : Atlanta.

Masika launched her own reality TV show, Pregnancy Pumps, during her pregnancy in 2015.

Masika Kalysha released her solo No More and Ada Hollywood and Andale in May 2015.

She released her solo My Own in 2016 and OHHH3X in 2017.

The 17th. In December, Masika Kalysha launched her cosmetics line, Khari Barbie Beauty, which she named after her young daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell.

Dating history and details of the marriage of Masik Kalysh

Masika is known for meeting the best rappers. Their romance begins with Gooch, Mane, Jamal Rashid and Young Berg and ends with Fetty Wap. Masika fell in love with Fetty Wap and became pregnant with her first child. Their dating began in 2014 and ended in 2015,

Masika pregnancy and baby

The 11th. In December 2015, Masika announced her pregnancy with rapper Fetty Wap. The 29th. In March 2016, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Hari Barbie Maxwell, in Los Angeles. Fetty denied that she was responsible for the child until they decided to take a parenting test. He then confessed his responsibility to their daughter Fetty Wap is famous for having children with many different women, famous and unknown. He has seven children, including baby Masiki.

On Hari’s first birthday, Masika and Fetty spent this precious moment of their happy little bump together. Now, Masika of Kalysh and Fetty seem to be getting along well with their parents.

Masika kalisha is a source of motivation for single mothers. It gives strength and motivation to all single mothers who struggle because they have no partner for their child.

Net worth of Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalyshi’s net worth is $400 million. It derives all its income from theatre, singing, television programmes and its own cosmetics company. Masika’s income doubles every year. She lives a life of luxury.

Social Media Availability Masika Kalysha

Masika is a very active person on social media. Their accounts include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Tiktok and websites.

Masika Kalysha Salary details

Masika Kalyshi has a salary of $10,000 a year. This information is from the average musician salary in the United States and should be updated.

Masik Kalysh Cars and House

Masika lives in Hollywood. She owns a Mercedes Benz, which she shared with her fans on her Twitter page. More information about their car and home should be updated.


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