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Mallica Kinison is an American actress known for her marriage to Sam Kinison, a pastor and actor of . The American actress is currently keeping away from the attention of her family.

Mr. Kinison was known for his bitter jokes against gay communities. Mallica married Kinison six days before her husband’s death. If you want to know more about their life as a couple, read on.

How was Mallica Kinson’s wedding?

Mallica has not led a peaceful married life; she has had ups and downs with regard to physical and psychological abuse.

Suri started dating Kinison when he broke up with his ex-wife. Terry Marze. Christie LaBov, then a personal assistant, says Kinnison…

A blonde, fluffy girl whose last job was topless dancing.

In April 1992,, Mallica and Sam tied a knot in Las Vegas and flew to Hawaii for their honeymoon. After six days of marriage they came back so Kinison could enter his comedy show Laughlin, which will take place in Nevada.

Figure: Sam Kinison shows his car in front of the comedy shop.
Source: Instagram @Robertoppel

On the way back to the scene of the crime, the bride and groom were involved in a traffic collision with another vehicle. Sam, 38, died there from internal injuries while Mallica was seriously injured.

She was taken to the hospital where she had an accident.

Second marriage of Mallickey Kinison

Currently Mallica is married to actor and producer Paul Borghese. His works include Family (2013), Back to Day (2016).

A couple leads a quiet life, far from the glamour.

How much does Mallica Keenison cost?

Mallica got lucky after she moved to America. As a dancer in a comedy show she made six characters. Her ex-husband has an estimated net worth in excess of $800,000.

Mallica’s current husband, Paul, is reported to have net assets of more than $ .500,000.

Kinison Mallickey Organic

Mallica Kinison used to be known as Mallica Sweeney. She was born in Rabat, Morocco, in 1965. The 54-year-old actress said nothing about her birthday.

Right now Mallica is an American citizen. She has Arab citizenship. Kinison grew up with her sister Sabrina Sweeney. Mallica didn’t say anything about her life and education.

However, she is a dancer and once played in her husband Sam Kinison’s band. She has also played in films such as In Search of Bobby D (2005), Arrogant, and Dangerous.

Who sexually abused her?

Suimari claims that Kinison’s bodyguard, Unway Carter , hit her several times. The incident occurred when the actress fainted under the influence of alcohol when 22-year-old Carter grabbed her under the guise of consolation.

Suiri claims that Carter raped her in the theatre five times after the performance, until she slid into the toilet and walked away from her chair.

Carter was accused of rape, but fled because he claimed the incident was consensual; the charges against him were also dropped.

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