Net value $3 million
birthplace in Redding, California.
Born 5. July 1985.
Name and surname Megan Rapinoe.
Husband Smart Bird
Education Portland State University
Age 35
Citizenship American
Parents Denise Rapinoe and Jim Rapinoe
Profession Soccer Players
Books A life.
Brothers and sisters Brian Rapinoe (brother).

You know about Megan Rapinoe? How much is Megan Rapinoe? In this article, we will answer the following questions. Megan is a famous football player. She is also a lawyer, activist and teacher. Her high qualities led her to become captain of the Tacoma-based team, OL Board.

Megan was captain of the US national team. She began her career in 2002 and has made great strides in the world of football. Her many achievements include winning the Ballon d’Or and being named the 2019 FIFA Women’s Footballer of the Year.

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Childhood and biography

Megan Rapinoe was born on the 5th. July 1985, born in Redding, California. His parents were James and Denise Rapinoe. She has five siblings, and she has a fraternal twin, Rachel. She began her career at a very basic age. She played with her twin sister at the University of Portland.

After graduating from college, she played for Iceland’s Sitarnan national women’s team and the U.S. under-23 soccer team. Her career was quickly over when she tore the cruciate ligament in her knee for the third time. She ended her career in 2012.

Prices and performances

Their popularity can be explained by qualities such as activity and a smart playing style. During her football career she has been sponsored by major companies such as Nike, Puma, Samsung, Body Armor and Hulu.

Megan played with her father and several coaches. Rapinoe began his career in school. Elk Grove Pride was acquired by Megan in 2002. She also spent three years at Portland State University in 2005.

Quotes from Megan Rapinoe

I couldn’t be prouder to be co-captain Carly and Alex on this team. It is an absolute honor to put this team on the field. There’s no place I want to be, not even in the presidential race. I’m busy. Sorry.

I take playing for my country very seriously. It’s a great honor.

It is my duty to ensure that everyone does what they can. Do what you have to do. Get away from you. Be bigger. Be better. Be more than you ever were.

How much is Megan Rapinoe?

There is no doubt that Rapinoe is a well-known American football player. Megan Rapinoe has a net worth of $3 million (in 2021). It has also benefited from the support and rise of the media. In 2009, she was selected second in the WPS (Women’s Professional Soccer) draft.

Megan Rapinoe also competed in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. His cash payment at the time was nearly $100,000. There are several sources of net worth and she can make about $400,000 a year from all of them.

Megan Rapine. Net worth: $3 million…

Megan Rapinoe is a famous American football player. She played for the national women’s under-23 soccer team. She ended her career briefly in 2012 due to injury. Megan Rapinoe’s net worth is $3 million. A few notes and appearances made their net worth a considerable amount.

How much did Megan Rapinoe earn over the course of her career?

Megan Rapinoe’s remarkable qualities have earned her a lot of money during her career as a great soccer player. Over the course of her career, she has been able to earn nearly $400,000 a year from various sources. Megan’s net worth is estimated to be around $168,000.

Anthony Joshua and Lindsey Vonn also make a lot of money from their sports careers. They also played a lot of games and were very successful professionally.

After each victory in a tournament, members of the women’s team could win nearly $4,950. She earned nearly $173,913 after winning the 2019 World Cup. In summary, Megan Rapinoe’s net worth in 2021 is approximately $3 million.


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