Melissa Mascari is the third wife of the businessman, George Santo Pietro; daughter of Chiara.

Who’s Melissa Madgie?

If you are a regular viewer of WPHL-TV, virtual and UHF digital channel 17, you must know a meteorologist, Melissa Magee. She is an American meteorologist known for her performance as weather presenter for Action News on PHL-17. It is also known as an anchor for New York, WNYW and 6abc.

Melissa Madgie was killed on the 11th. Born in November 1979 in Los Angeles, California, in the year ,. She was born from American parents, is of African-American descent and has American citizenship.

Melissa Mascari is the third wife of the businessman, George Santo Pietro; daughter of Chiara.

: Melissa-Madgie-Start of Days

Talk about training: Melissa holds a BA in English from the University of California. She then went to the University of Mississippi and studied atmospheric and geoscientific sciences. She is also certified in translational meteorology.

Melissa began her career as a meteorologist for Action News. Later she became a member of WYNW and presented the channel’s weather programme at lunch. She also made her debut with the AccuWeather as host of Good Day in New York. Melissa also created and published original information for the channel’s website.

Figure: Melissa at work on News Channel 6abc.

She also worked at CBS/Fox in Bakersfield, California, where another reporter, Clarissa Ward , also worked. Finally, Melissa was promoted to the position of afternoon presenter on channel KBAK-TV.

It has become one of the most important anchor points of the station.

Is Melissa Madgie married or single?

So far, Melissa’s had a conjugal relationship twice. Let’s get information on their men.

Melissa Madgie first husband

Melissa was previously married to Ronnie Schlemmer. The couple met for a long time and finally exchanged on the 16th. In May 2010 she took her marriage vows. The wedding took place at the Anthony Lake Club.

However, the woman could not stay in the marriage for too long and eventually divorce after a few years of marriage. The couple hasn’t separated the children from their wedding yet. Moreover, there are no rumors or quarrels about the former couple.

Melissa Madgie Second wife

After her divorce from Ronnie, Madgie started dating Perry O’Hearn. Perry is also known as a fitness coach and gym owner in Philadelphia. The couple first met when Maggie was at the gym.

Figure: Melissa and Pierry O’Hearn

After several years of dating, Melissa and Perry decided to meet on the 27th. July 2016. The couple has been together since 2014, but unfortunately, Madgie and her fiancé had to deal with personal problems that led to their divorce. After the divorce Perry married his wife, Nicole-Lee Mace. While Melissa lives her life alone and seems to enjoy it. She likes to spend time with her family and friends.

How much does Melissa Maggie cost?

Maggie makes good money in her career as a meteorologist. So far she has worked on different channels and stations and has reported on some of the most important weather reports.

According to various sources, a meteorologist earns an average of 96,380 dollars a year. So we can assume that Magee brings back enough money as a reward.

Based on its revenues, Melissa has built up significant net capital, estimated at 1.5 million by 2019, less than the other US journalist Kathy Orr.

Melissa Madgie Age and dimensions (length, weight)

The thirty-nine year old Magi journalist is 1.68 meters long and weighs about 54 kg.




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