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Mia Fizz is a famous British sensation on YouTuber and the internet. She is known for posting various food and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel, titled Mia’s Life.

She also has a YouTube channel with her sister Sienna, the Fizz sisters. They came into the spotlight after the Family Fizz channel on YouTube.

Why is Mia Fizz famous?

  • Like a British YouTube star.
  • Mia’s channel has reached over 190,000 subscribers so far.

How old is Mia Fizz? Biography, parents, siblings, ethnicity

Mia Fizz was born on 4 December 2004 in England, United Kingdom. She’s 16 years old now. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

His mother’s name is Georgie Fizz. She was pregnant at 16 and also struggled with addiction issues. Mia’s parents divorced and she was raised by her mother. While her mother says she left Mia’s biological father because he was also a drug addict and wanted to start a new life.

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And then Mia’s mother met Darren Fizz. They have a daughter, half of Emily’s, Sienna Fizz. Georgie and Darren announced in June 2019 that they were expecting another child. Since November 2020, Mia has had her own sibling, Karma Fizz. She is a British national and of mixed ethnicity (Chinese-Asian-British).

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History of education

Speaking of the history of Mia’s upbringing: She went to high school, but dropped out. It was then also taught in Gran Canaria, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.

Did you know that?

  1. How old is Mia Fizz? – She was born on the fourth. Born in December 2004. He’s 16 years old now.
  2. What is Mia Fizz’s zodiac sign? His astrological sign is Sagittarius.
  3. Based on 2021 data, Mia Fizz’s net worth is about $1 to $5 million.

All about the career of Mia Fizz

Mia became an internet sensation when she began performing on the Family Fizz YouTube channel. It was the 24th. June 2014 made by Mia’s parents. Mia was first introduced in a video called First Vegan Burger King. In this video, Mia’s parents talk about different things about being a vegetarian and how their children became vegetarians too.

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Then, in another video, her unexpected birthday surprise was captured exclusively by Mia. The video captures moments from his birthday party. Probably the 19th. In July 2014, Mia and her sister Sienna launched their own channel called Fizz Sisters. They have posted a series of videos about food, makeup, baking and challenges. Similarly, they also publish various clips from their family reunions and parties.

In addition, Mia also launched her own channel in 2017. She also posted her first solo video, Life of Mia, on her channel. Like the rest of her family, she too favors a vegetarian diet. She also publishes several video blogs, craft videos, space travel and skincare videos.

In addition, Mia started publishing videos about the menstrual cycle, relationships, and women’s everyday problems. Mia has also promoted Vegan Fitness 7 Day Meal Plan, a book about fitness in her family, and the vegan diet in her videos.

Eventually, Mia appeared in several magazines and gave interviews to celebrities like Mark Wahlberg (embarrassing!) She also performed with her family at a sold-out concert.

Shareholders’ equity and remuneration

Mia’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. As a YouTuber, he has an average salary of $0.5 to $4,000.

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Is Mia Fizz single? Single, relationship

Mia Fizz is currently single. The star is now at a young age to enter into a relationship. Plus, Mia is now more focused on building her career. She may be blessed with a beautiful love life in her future days.

Signature : Mia Fizz (Source: Pinterest)

Length, weight, colour of eyes

Fizz is six feet tall and weighs 46 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. But there is no information about his height, clothing or shoe size.

Social Media Profile

Mia has over 497K followers on her Instagram account. She joined Twitter in December 2017 and now has over 17,8,000 subscribers.

Their official TikTok account probably has 450.3K followers with over 3M likes. It also has its own YouTube channel with 1.04 million subscribers.

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frequently asked questions

Net value of family soft drinks?

The net value of the family’s soft drink is $1.4 million. Family Fizz is a popular YouTube channel featuring a family from England. It consists of Darren (dad), Georgie (mum), Mia and Sienna. The net worth of the platform is estimated at $1.4 million.

Who is Sienna Fizz’s biological father?

His parents Georgie and Darren can also be seen on his Family Fizz channel on YouTube. She has a younger sister named Karma and a younger brother named Koa.

How old is Siena from the Fizz family?

Sienna Fizz was born on the 16th. September 2011 born and is now 9 years old.

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