Michael Weiss, born on the 31st. Mai, is known as an American journalist and writer; he has worked as editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast, senior editorial advisor to Coda Story, foreign affairs columnist, writer and national security analyst, and CNN correspondent.

Michael Weiss Bio: Age, youth, parents, ethnicity, education

Weiss was born into a Jewish family and attended Townsend Harris High School in Fleisching, Queens, New York, where he graduated in 1998. After high school he attended Dartmouth College and graduated with a BA in History in 2002.

Michael Weiss Career data

After graduating, he first worked as a columnist in the north-east of Lebanon, then as a foreign policy publisher and held both positions until May 2015. In June 2015 he joined the Daily Beast as editor-in-chief and in January 2016 he became editor-in-chief of The Interpreter magazine, where he still holds both positions today. In addition, he joined CNN as a staff member in May 2015, was promoted to journalist for international relations in April 2017 and changed his name back to national security analyst in July 2017 and remained online until now.

Although the exact age of Weiss remains a mystery, it turns out that he is about 30 years old, with a large portfolio of work done over the years for all of the above publications. It became notorious in 2010 when Weiss criticized then British Prime Minister David Cameron for his speech in Ankara in which he called Gaza a prison camp.

Weiss then published a special report in November 2014 in the magazine Interpreter, in which he accused Russia of conducting propaganda and misinformation campaigns that played a decisive role in investigating Russian interference in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election in the United States.

Subsequently, in an article co-written with Michael Prezent in March 2015, Weiss accused the Iraqi Shiite militia of large-scale atrocities against Sunni civilians in their war against the Levant and the Islamic state of Iraq, including war crimes described as burning people in their homes, football matches with severed heads, ethnic cleansing and the destruction of entire villages. In 2016, Weiss once again made headlines by calling Russia a terrorist state and declaring that corruption in Russia was one of the country’s main exports.

There is no information about Weiss’ background except his education, as details about his parents and siblings are unknown, and there are no details about his appearance, as most sources mention him as a man of average height and weight and mixed ethnicity.

Michael Weiss History and Wedding Details

His love life is public knowledge because he has tweeted stories about himself and his wife Amy Tirjung, including how they got married in 2011. The couple has a daughter, Julia, but as with many other aspects of his personal life, his age is unknown, although he has shown his daughter many pictures on social networks.

Michael Weiss Net costs

It is also not known where Weiss spends his money because there is no data on properties or cars, but he doesn’t seem to lead a rich lifestyle because sources estimate his net worth to be less than $1 million.

Weiss describes himself as a passionate reader and writer, as his ISIS bestseller of 2015 proves: In the Army of Terror, which he wrote with Hassan Hassan. Since its publication, the book has been included in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 10 Books on Terrorism and The Times of London’s Best Books of 2015 and reprinted as ISIS : In the Army of Terror (updated version). He is currently working on a second book on Russian military intelligence, the subject of which attracted a lot of attention before its publication. If we look at his social networks, we see that although most of his posts are political in nature, he also seems to be a film lover and has a predilection for political satire, often exchanging and commenting on political narratives.

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